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Sole Practitioners Can Join XBRL US as Individual Members

Now is the time to join!

Accounting firms, software companies, data intermediaries and regulators use XBRL to bring transparency to the markets. Join industry leaders by becoming an XBRL US member and get the tools you need to better serve your clients and build your practice.

Get the inside knowledge you need to respond to your clients

CPAs need in-depth knowledge about how XBRL factors into business reporting. As a sole practitioner member of XBRL US, you can join ad hoc committees and gain early access to information on regulatory, legislative and industry activities as well as development projects. You’ll have access to accounting and technical experts and you can take advantage of XBRL US educational programs at significantly reduced rates, including the AICPA XBRL US GAAP Online Certificate program. Members can also use analytical tools developed by XBRL US to review and screen on XBRL data for all public companies and to compare releases of the US GAAP Taxonomy. These tools are useful resources when working with clients on their XBRL submissions and valuable in demonstrating your own expertise. (Individual members cannot however, post member or product profiles, photos or events, or serve on steering committees, except as observers.)

Members work together to move the standard forward. Joining the organization gives you information that can help guide your work and provide valuable resources you can use with your clients.

Join an interdisciplinary consortium of leaders

Industry leaders representing accounting, investments, technology, information processing, and consulting help define the standard and demonstrate their leadership. Accounting firm members include KPMG, Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte, Baker Tilly and BDO; other key members include the AICPA, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Oracle Corporation, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), SWIFT and Google, among others. Individual practitioners can join this prestigious group and access much of the same information.

Drive the standard that drives your business

Get details from influential committees and working groups that help set the direction and oversight for ongoing development and adoption of XBRL beyond SEC reporting. Your understanding today lays the groundwork for XBRL tomorrow.

AICPA Members save 10% on your first year of XBRL US Membership

Sole practitioners get tools to help your work with clients, information about development in process and discounts on education and training from XBRL US. Share your AICPA Member Number in the question/comment field and use code AICPAmember during online checkout to save 10%.

When you complete the form and click “Individual Membership” you agree:

To engage: Members are committed to contributing in a positive, productive, and professional volunteer engagement with XBRL US, working with other members to advance the mission and goals of XBRL US for the common good of all.

To contribute: Members will bring their best human and intellectual capital to assist XBRL US in a community-driven process for setting strategic goals, designing program initiatives, and developing market messages and a communications strategy.

To evangelize: Members will work to build awareness and educate the market on the benefits XBRL brings to business reporting, using the strength of their own brand, reputation, and networks; members will not represent themselves to customers, prospects, press or media as representing the XBRL US organization itself unless expressly coordinated with XBRL US staff.