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    Timur Mirzaev

    Hi, David

    That resolves the issue (I also retrieve the latest fiscal year to dynamically adjust my period.fiscal-year series)!
    Thank you very much indeed for your time and assistance.


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    David Tauriello

    Peter – thanks for taking a look at the materials I passed in email from another XBRL US Member. I sent along your appreciation for his efforts in using the data.

    We’re working out how to provide face financial data through endpoints to the XBRL API – stay tuned.

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    Timur Mirzaev


    For some reason, my query, which used to work just fine (arguably, before the recent add-in update), now shows the “Calc!” error. What is even more unusual is that in a split of a second I can actually see the data appearing before being superseded by this very error.
    Apparently, this error can be replicated by having the full code written as a formula [ with references to other cells having, say, ‘fact endpoint’ and ‘textjoin(“,”, TRUE, concept name) formula for concept unification], while the XBRL.showData () is used separately to refer to that formula.
    Interestingly, if one “kills” the formula, so that the code is just a plain text, the error is gone, and data is extracted.

    I would very much appreciate any help around this issue.

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    David Tauriello

    Hi Timur – this link might help you diagnose the #CALC! issue:

    If you post an example of a query that’s not returning data, it will be easier to understand the issue you’re encountering.


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    Asif Saberi

    Another question:This pertains to using the entity.ticker in the search phrase-
    The following works (the entity code is hard coded – CIK for AAPL):
    =XBRL.showData(CONCATENATE(“”,$B12,”&fact.ha”,”s-dimensions=false&fact.ultimus=true&fields=fact.value,period.fisc”,”al-year,fact.limit(),fact.offset()&”),””, “”, “0”)

    But the following does not work (cell D5 contains the ticker for Apple inc, AAPL)
    =XBRL.showData(CONCATENATE(“”, $D$5,”&period.fiscal-year=2021&period.fiscal-period=Y&concept.local-name=”,$B12,”&fact.ha”,”s-dimensions=false&fact.ultimus=true&fields=fact.value,period.fisc”,”al-year,fact.limit(),fact.offset()&”),””, “”, “0”)

    in reply to: Converting text to values and sorting data #201958
    David Tauriello

    Hi Asif – apologies for the slow reply; the entity.ticker parameter is not available as a filter for queries on the fact endpoint. You should see the following message in your query:

    The following search parameter is not valid: entity.ticker

    You’ll need to convert use another value (, entity.cik or entity.code) to return values for the entity.

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    Tim Bui

    Timur, I had replied twice but some how my notes were not posted.

    You can get the Excel files of US Taxonomy from these 2 sources:

    in reply to: Lists of similar concepts #201960
    David Tauriello

    Hi Tim – thanks for posting and apologies to you and Timur – posts with URLs are pushed to moderation and I didn’t get a notification for this.

    in reply to: Lists of similar concepts #201085
    Tim Bui

    Hi Timur, You can google “US GAAP Taxonomy 2022” then it will take you to this site:
    In the section “Guidance and Supporting Documents”, you will see 2022 GAAP Taxonony(Excel Version). You can download and extract this large Excel file. The fist tab is “Elements” that contains Col N & O that Peter referred to.

    XBRL.US also has the same Excel (xls format) at this site:


    in reply to: Lists of similar concepts #202180
    Matthew Beveridge

    Hi Peter and apologies for the ridiculously late reply — you can find my most recent (yet very out-of-date) version here:

    This is by no means a complete remedy and like Mikko said is very similar in principle to their solution. Additionally, the cloud bucket that this repository relies on has not been updated with new DERA data in many months. If there is sufficient interest I can revisit this, but otherwise, I am inclined to table/archive my version of this project until a later date.

    in reply to: Lists of similar concepts #202184
    Peter W Reed

    Thanks Matthew for taking the time to reply. I’m using Alpha Advantage for now. Let me know when you get back to your project on github? You don’t want me to write code – I’m a hack. But I will take the time to test or contribute in other ways. I’m fairly competent at documentation.

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