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Touro students hail from all over the world, from all walks of life, in the pursuit of a common goal: To get the best possible education, to find a promising professional career, and to do so in an environment that respects and supports their backgrounds and beliefs. What sets Touro apart is not simply our […more]


The VIRGINIA LOCALITIES FISCAL PERFORMANCE REPORT – JANUARY 2019 analyzes the fiscal health of Virginia municipalities and recommends that CAFRs be produced using financial data standards such as Inline XBRL.  This report was prepared by XBRL US members, Yossef Newman, Professor of Business and Accounting at Touro College, Marc Joffe, Senior Policy Analyst at Reason […more]

State and Local Government

This XBRL US working group seeks to address standards related to state and local government annual financial reports by designing schemas and XBRL implementation(s) for open data reporting of state and local government actual financial results.