FERC Pro powered by IRIS CARBON®

Features: 24/7 technical support • automated tagging • data analysis • data import • For FERC Filers • inline XBRL • local rule checking • Tool • version control • web-based training •

FERC Pro brings together IRIS CARBON® and Data hub. IRIS CARBON® is XII Certified, cloud-based solution which meets FERC mandate requirements. A template-based reporting solution with XBRL tags and business rules embedded in the application obviates the need to manually tag. You could upload a MS Excel file or key-in or integrate with your internal […more]

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XML Edge

Features: Center for Data Quality Certified • data management • data reporting • financial information analysis • For EDGAR Filers • For FERC Filers • HTML composition • inline XBRL • instance creation • instance rendering • Product • taxonomy management • taxonomy/extension creation • Tool •

EDGAR Agents, LLC collaborates with clients through its innovative solution, XML Edge, the first true single-source platform, to structure content with precision, improve reporting efficiency, enhance communication channels, and empower “File with Style” compliance.

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