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The XBRL API (Application Program Interface) is a set of endpoints developed to help data users access timely, highly granular, structured XBRL data. This standardized API allows developers and data utilities, with limited XBRL knowledge, to learn a single interface to access data from any database that contains XBRL data. The XBRL API is a […more]

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Tools and Techniques for the XBRL Data Pipeline

3PM ET Wednesday, July 27, 2022
XBRL US Webinar
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Join the XBRL US Team to find out what’s new with the XBRL Filed Data add-in, XBRL API, and resources available that anyone can use to explore the deep, growing pool of standardized financial data produced in XBRL. Topics covered will include: demonstration of updates in the XBRL Filed Data add-in for Excel and Google […more]

Case Study: Liberty Mutual Surety Custom XBRL Data Collection

3:00 PM EDT Wednesday, January 26, 2022
XBRL US Webinar
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Liberty Mutual Surety not only saved time and money, but was able to redirect skilled employees to higher value work at every level when they adopted standardized XBRL data collection of corporate financial data. Historically, they had relied on manual data entry and normalization, which is the process of re-structuring as-reported data in accordance with […more]

Working with SEC Data for Analysts

1:00 PM ET Monday, October 25, 2021
XBRL US Webinar
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Learn how to work with highly detailed, structured SEC reporting data during this 60-minute session. Find out how “normalization”  structures as-reported data in accordance with a set of norms to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity, so that all the data looks and reads the same way across records in a relational database.

Investor Forum 2021: Data that Delivers

12:30 - 5 PM ET Wednesday, November 10, 2021
XBRL US Webinar
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Keynotes: SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw and Independent Corporate Director, former FASB Chairperson Leslie Seidman
Attend this free half-day forum for concrete illustrations of structured data that delivers value to corporate financial planners, SEC managers, regulators & academics. SOLD OUT – request replay details when they’re available.


3PM ET Wednesday, August 11, 2021
XBRL US Webinar
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We’ve updated our XBRL Filed Data Add-in for Excel – join the XBRL US Team for a look at what’s new. Take better control over data returned by queries created in the taskpane; select new output options from a greater number of endpoints, and use the validate functionality to check SEC filings for DQC and SEC Filer Member rulesets.

Plus, we’ll take a look at recent enhancements to Tools for SEC Filers, the XBRL API and your questions on techniques, suggestions for enhancement and all things related to standardized financial data.

XBRL API Update – New Excel Add-in Now Available!

3PM ET Wednesday, March 10, 2021
XBRL US Webinar
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XBRL data can now be used through a Microsoft Excel Add-in! Joint us for this webinar to learn how to get started with the XBRL Filed Data Add-in for Microsoft Excel in M365 and Office 365. We’ll also discuss how the XBRL API can be used for: whole document text search fact text search fixes […more]

Investor Forum 2020: Ready for Anything – Using Data in Perilous Times

Tuesday, November 17 - Wednesday, November 18, 2020
XBRL US Web Conference

Featuring Keynote Speakers: SEC Commissioner Allison Herren Lee, and PwC Vice Chair Wes Bricker
Find out how standards help manage investment risk, and how they must be further leveraged to address future crises.

This virtual event across two days is complimentary and advanced registration is required.

Protected: XBRL Data Community Update for Members

3 PM EDT Wednesday, September 18, 2019
XBRL US Webinar
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Investor Forum 2019: Driving Actionable Analytics

1:00 PM ET Monday, November 4, 2019
XBRL US Meeting || Newman Vertical Campus Conference Center hosted by Baruch College

Featured Keynote: FASB Chairman Russell G. Golden
Find out how data standards are disrupting the information ecosystem, how they can be leveraged, and where they’re heading.

Seating at this complimentary event is limited and advanced registration is required.