FERC eForms Taxonomies

Explore the FERC eForms Taxonomies to learn about concepts and view the hierarchy, get technical details for the current release and understand the requirements of the rule.


Use the links at right to review a selection of detailed, step by step instructions to accurately select XBRL tags for each schedule in required FERC forms. Use the Render for Review tool to create rendered XBRL for selected schedules or complete filings.

Map to Form

Detailed guides for tagging every value reported in a FERC schedule. Click any of the “Map” links at right to view a sample of schedules.

Render for Review

Use this web-based application to create a human-readable version of each of your XBRL-formatted schedules to review before FERC submission. Login with your XBRL US Web account to render a selection of schedules for your filing, or render your entire filing. The sample links at right show complete, rendered filings. Login to the FERC’s eCollection web site to download your historic filings to try out the rendering process.

XBRL US FERC Filer Members have access to the complete library of Instructions and Mapping Guides to use with their own company’s filings, as well as time-saving schedule-by-schedule control over the rendering application.


Coming SOON! Check your XBRL FERC submission for accuracy, consistency and data quality. Just like XBRL US Data Quality rulesets used by SEC filers, you’ll be able to run FERC eForms validations to identify and resolve errors prior to FERC submission.