FERC eForms Taxonomies

Explore the FERC eForms Taxonomies to learn about concepts and view the hierarchy, get technical details for the current release and understand the requirements of the rule.

Doublecheck your work at every stage of the preparation process, before your final submission to the FERC. Become an XBRL US FERC Filer Member for full access to instructions, mapping guides, and tools to render and validate your forms.

Form Instructions

Follow detailed instructions for each FERC schedule as you prepare it to understand the structure of the form and how to successfully comply. Click the example “Instruction” links at right for samples.

Mapping Guides

Identify the appropriate FERC element for each row and column on a schedule to be sure you make the right selection. Click the “Map” example links at right to view a sample of schedules.

Render for Review

Create a human-readable version of each schedule as it’s prepared to review your work and error-check as you go. Render the entire filing once it’s complete. If periods and dimensions are used incorrectly, facts will not appear where they should.

Check out the “Sample report” links at right to see complete, rendered filings. Login to the FERC’s eCollection web site to download your historic filings to try out the rendering process now.

Login to render your FERC filings or select samples to download and test the application. FERC filers can render selected schedules or complete filings; XBRL US Members can render any schedule or complete filing to doublecheck their work.

Validate before Filing

Run FERC business rules against your completed filing to check that totals and subtotals add correctly, that data is reported with the proper sign (negative or positive), and that facts reported appear in the appropriate locations in the form. Validate as you work on you filing, schedule by schedule, so you can resolve errors throughout the preparation process before your filing deadline.

FERC validation will be available soon.

You can also check a FERC filing using the XBRL Filed Data extension for Excel (Office 365) or Google Sheets.

If you do not have an XBRL US Web account or need your password, you can register or recover your account.

If you have questions about FERC filing or our tools and resources, email info@xbrl.us.