Get quick introductions to the basics of the open data exchange standard for business reporting and XULE – an open-source syntax created to help developers get the most out of XBRL without re-engineering their tech stack.

XBRL Fundamentals is a free 20-minute module. This is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get a technical foothold for understanding the XBRL standard, taxonomies and reports (known as instance documents).

Understanding the US GAAP Taxonomy is a free 30-minute module that introduces the US GAAP Taxonomy. Learn technical details about its structure and how the features of the XBRL standard are implemented in this resource.

Introduction to XULE is a free 20-minute interactive overview of an open-source XBRL processing syntax for manipulating and evaluating XBRL content, including facts, reports, and taxonomies, so that the data can be validated, displayed and standardized consistently.

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