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XBRL US Comment on CFTC Proposal on Swaps Data Reporting Requirements

XBRL US commented on a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) proposal on Swap Data Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements. The goal of the proposal is to streamline the requirements for reporting new swaps, define and adopt swap data elements that harmonize with international technical guidance, and reduce reporting burdens for reporting entities. The XBRL US letter expressed […more]

XBRL US Comments on SEC Proposal on Modernizing the MD&A

XBRL US responded to the SEC proposal on Management’s Discussion and Analysis, Selected Financial Data, and Supplementary Financial Information. The SEC proposes various reforms to the MD&A and other text-based information in corporate filings, including adding one new section, and eliminating certain sections deemed to be redundant because the reported facts are already available in […more]

XBRL US Comment on Commerce Dept Cross Agency Priority Goal: Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset

XBRL US submitted a letter responding to a U.S. Commerce Department request for comments on the Cross Agency Priority Goal: Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset. The Commerce Department notice seeks comment on best strategies and processes for achieving this CAP goal. The Request for Comments seeks input on a 4 part strategy to: Manage government data […more]

XBRL US Comments on SEC Draft 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

XBRL US submitted a comment letter responding to the SEC Request for Comment about its draft Strategic Plan 2018-2022. Recommendations include: Require all financial data submitted by all reporting entities, to be provided in computer-readable, standardized format. Use consistent standards across the agency to keep the cost of producing and consuming the data low, and […more]

XBRL US Opposes XBRL Exemption in Financial CHOICE Act (Letter to HFSC)

XBRL US strongly opposes Section 411 of Subsection C of Title IV in the Financial CHOICE Act, a provision to exempt small companies from XBRL filing and which will have significant negative repercussions on both Wall Street and Main Street. Read the XBRL US argument on Section 411 in a letter to the House Financial Services Committee.

SEC Investor Advisory Committee Published Letter Favorable to Structured Data

In response to the SEC’s Concept Release on disclosures in Reg S-K, the SEC Investor Advisory Committee submitted a comment letter where data standards are very positively referenced. Highlights from the letter: Leveraging Technology. The Commission is in the process of developing a second generation for the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system (EDGAR). […more]

XBRL US Response to SEC Concept Release on Transfer Agent Regulations

XBRL US responds to SEC Concept Release on Transfer Agent Regulations on April 14, 2016, proposing that inline XBRL be used for transfer agent financial disclosures and that data standards be used to improve corporate actions processing.

Analysis of Fact Values Reported by Public Companies – How to Improve Effectiveness of Disclosure

Research on data reported in 10-Ks filed by 498 public companies (roughly representing the S&P 500) demonstrates a significant amount of duplication. 54% of facts reported had been reported already in previous filings. Company workload in the filing process could be reduced by only requiring companies to report facts that have not already been reported. […more]

Morningstar Video: The Importance of Financial Data for Stock Research

Morningstar’s Jo Guo discusses the importance of financial fundamentals to stock research and why every public company should report the same information in the same fashion in this 8 minute video. She also covers why investors should determine what data is reported and how that data is reported, not the public companies themselves. And finally […more]

Senate Subcommittee Hearing

2:30 - 4:30 Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Securities, Insurance & Investments subcommittee of the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs committee Meeting || 538 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Learn about the "Capital Formation and Reducing Small Business Burdens" hearing

On March 24, a hearing was held by the Securities, Insurance & Investments subcommittee of the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs committee on “Capital Formation and Reducing Small Business Burdens”. Speakers included Tom Quaadman of the US Chamber of Commerce, William Spell of Spell Capital Partners, Dr. Marcus Stanley of Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) and John Partigan of Nixon Peabody.