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Certent DisclosureNet Product Tour

2 PM EST Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Webinar hosted by Certent
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Whether your team is looking to establish best practices or compare disclosure language and footnotes within the proxy of a competitor or peer, join us for this webinar to learn how your team can refine your financial compliance processes and stay ahead of the curve! In this 30-minute demonstration, you’ll learn how Certent DisclosureNet provides […more]

In Focus: 2018 GAAP and SEC Taxonomies Improvements, Including New Revenue Modeling, and SEC Update

1 PM EST Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Webinar hosted by FASB
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During this webinar, the FASB staff will demonstrate how to apply the new modeling using example disclosures. In addition, the SEC staff will provide an update. Participants in the live broadcast will be eligible for 1.8 hours (Specialized Knowledge and Applications) of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit.

Bankers need more pieces of the financial puzzle

Campbell Pryde, President & CEO, XBRL US

Trust. It’s one of the most important considerations when hiring a guide to lead a challenging mountain climb. The same is true with developing standards. Only a specialist with the right skillset and experience can help build a good quality taxonomy or XBRL instance document. Find the right people through XBRL Achievements.

What’s in your corporate family tree?

Michelle Savage, Vice President, Communication, XBRL US

Learning about your own background — the good, the bad, and the ugly — can be interesting. But for investors and for companies doing business with other corporate partners, understanding the “ancestry” of the companies in which they invest or do business, can be critical.

XBRL for IFRS – Tips and Tricks for First Time Users

10:00 AM ET Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Understanding the big picture Identifying areas of risk including situations associated with inaccurate or untimely submissions Time saving review tips and tricks Industry best practice discussion Speakers:  Chase Bongirno, Director of XBRL at Toppan Vintage Patrick Loughry, XBRL Subject Matter Expert at Toppan Vintage

Keep Calm and Check Your Work!

Lou Rohman, Vice President, XBRL Services, Merrill Corporation; Chair, XBRL US Data Quality Committee

Accountants are sticklers for checking their work. They rely on disclosure and accounting checklists, and now on Data Quality Rules to catch errors in their XBRL financials. The XBRL US Data Quality Committee also performs periodic checks on their own work, and have proof that their rules and guidance are improving the accuracy of corporate XBRL financials.

Gear Up for Year-End Financial Reporting

2 PM ET Thursday, December 7, 2017
Webinar hosted by Certent
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Improving the quality of your company’s financial reports is a critical element to your job, but looming deadlines and disjointed workflows can make this task feel impossible. Even when time is not on your side, there are strategic processes you can implement today that will streamline your company’s financial reporting process while improving quality. Join […more]

2018 GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy/Shared Reporting Taxonomy Proposed Improvements and SEC Update

1:00 PM ET Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Webinar hosted by FASB
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The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is holding a webcast to discuss proposed improvements to the 2018 GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy Release (2018 Taxonomy Release) for recently issued FASB Accounting Standards Updates and other projects; as well as the new for 2018 Shared Reporting Taxonomy. In addition, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission staff will […more]

How well do you tick and tie your XBRL?

David Tauriello, Vice President, Operations, XBRL US

Reporting supply chain participants – public company personnel and partners, regulators, analysts and researchers – know the value of telling a company’s story with standardized data. And now, XBRL Achievements are showing up on LinkedIn and other professional/social networking platforms to let colleagues and other professionals know who sets and keeps the pace in a transformed reporting environment.

XBRL. A Free & Open Reporting Standard.

Michelle Savage, Vice President, Communication, XBRL US

The XBRL standard is a free, open, non-proprietary, financial data standard, developed and maintained by a global, not-for-profit standards body. Free and open standards are critical for governments and businesses looking to adopt a standard.