NOTE: Our Data Analysis Toolkit API’s are being retired from use on December 1, 2018.

We’re replacing these older APIs that access data in our Database of Public Filings with a set of APIs designed for more comprehensive, enterprise-level use with standardized financial data and resources.

This toolkit is designed to help investors, analysts, regulators and other data consumers learn how to use XBRL corporate data. The applications included are just a starting point to get involved with the wealth of data now available.

To get started, browse API documentation and Spreadsheet Templates, read HowTo – Use the Data Analysis Toolkit and/or choose one of the video episodes from the playlist below – click on the “hamburger menu” playlist in the upper left corner of the video to select a topic in the series, or browse the playlist on YouTube.

The templates include sample API calls that give you free access to the XBRL US database of all company filings in XBRL format, updated every 15 minutes through the SEC’s RSS feed.

Get the templates:

Using Google’s Chrome web browser? Consider adding the xbrlData add-on to build your own spreadsheets with the XBRL US Data API.

Webinar replay (October, 2015)

The templates are available as Excel files and Google Sheets and allow you to perform multi-company balance sheet comparisons and analysis on lease financing arrangements and margins. Create copies of the templates so that you can conduct your own custom analysis by changing ticker symbol, time period or other parameters. To use the APIs will require you to sign up for a free XBRL US web account.

Any and all use of and XBRL US API is in explicit consent and agreement with the XBRL US API Agreement.

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