NOTE: Our Data Analysis Toolkit API’s are being retired on December 1, 2018.

We’re replacing these older APIs that access data in our Database of Public Filings with a set of APIs designed for more comprehensive, enterprise-level use with standardized financial data and resources.

This toolkit was designed to help investors, analysts, regulators and other data consumers learn how to use XBRL corporate data. The resources were a starting point for involvement in the with the wealth of data now available.

Browse API documentation and Spreadsheet Templates or read HowTo – Use the Data Analysis Toolkit to learn about this resource.

The templates include sample API calls that provided access to the XBRL US database of all company filings in XBRL format, updated every 15 minutes through the SEC’s RSS feed. Check out the XBRL API that launched in October for endpoints with enhanced capabilities

Data Toolkit templates included: