Statement of Purpose:
Use to instantly analyze XBRL data. Take advantage of automatic comparisons and calculations; add your own notes and formulas; export, save and share your work with people in your (personal) workgroup or the community as a whole.

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Pranav Ghai

Instant online retrieval of XBRL data organized by company, industry and size as examples. Comparability across time and companies, benchmarking to sector and industry, ability to share data AND analysis. Create workgroups. Automatic calculations and ability to add own calculations. Sort companies by pre-defined criteria.

There are two simple ways to use Calcbench:

  1. Go to the site, Type in a ticker and go!
    Our full user guide is here.-OR-
  2. Embed our income statement widget into your own site.
    Just paste this HTML code into your site, blog, etc. (Change the ticker to whatever you want): <iframe src = ‘’ width = ‘500’ height = ‘470’ scrolling=’auto’></iframe>

Cognex Income Statement