Statement of Purpose:
Build an open source cloud based or locally installed set of services that process XBRL filings and provide a platform to view, design and publish analytical reports from the XBRL data and external sources.

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Pete Cleary

How the application improves access to corporate XBRL data

– The application enables investor stakeholder access to corporate filing data by collecting, normalizing and organizing the XBRL filings to simplify the viewing and processing

– The application allows investors to view reports that are specific to a single company or comparisons within an industry as defined by the community

– The application enables analysts to create and publish custom ratios and concept reports

– The desgin is very unique because it uses an XML Database, not a SQL to store the data as XML without unique codes and seperates content that should be static from content that will be processed in a database

– The application is a platform that was designed to be extensible through the addition of user interface plugins as well as customized scripts that process the XBRL data defined and shared by a community

– The platform is designed to engage the investors who want to see detailed analytics derived from the XBRL data

– The most important aspect of the platform is that it enables a community of analysts who wish to create and publish unique and detailed reports from the XBRL data for the investor community

– The platform supports publishing to Twitter or RSS

Meet the team

PETE CLEARYSenior software architect

  • Background in aerospace and telecommunications software design and development
  • Senior systems architect for Oxide Solutions and the XBRL product

KIRSTAN VANDERSLUISSenior software architect

  • Background in Financial Services, telecommunications, defense architecture, design, and implementation
  • Founder of XAware Software
  • Senior systems architect for Oxide Solutions and the XBRL product
  • Author of one book and many articles on XML and SOA, including blog at


  • Social media management
  • Brand marketing and implementation