Statement of Purpose:
FIOS enables users to extract and analyze multidimensional data interactively from the SEC Edgar, Yahoo Finance and Wikipedia/DBpedia datasets. FIOS uses Linked Data principles to access and encode data. The core of the FIOS system is the OLAP data cube, which provides the aggregation, drill-down and slicing and dicing of multidimensional data sets.

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Instructions for Use

Saiku: Use Firefox to open the web site and enter username: admin, password: admin

After entering the password and username, you have to select the FIOS 2.0 DataCube. Then wait 5-10 seconds (only obsValue will be loaded. After waiting 5-10 seconds deselect the DataCube (by selecting in the Dropdown List ‘Select Cube’). Then once again, select the DataCube FIOS 2.0. Now it should load all measures. And it’s ready for use. Use Saiku via Drag&Drop and thus create your own Reports.

Website: Key in a CIK of a company and see information about the Company.

BIG DATA is a pervasive term in today’s BI (Business Intelligence) lexicon. As data driven insights become an increasingly critical competitive differentiator, companies will seek better predictive analytics and data mining tools to optimize their business decisions. FIOS may be the first financial application to use Semantic Web technologies to enable the collection, structuring and recovery of linked data across diverse datasets on the web. FIOS query and reporting capabilities enable the user to present data in charts and tables from multiple data sources. FIOS will find, share and combine data that is pertinent to the query. Thus, Big Data can be managed and effectively utilized by FIOS. With FIOS we merge those data across the web and provide three different possibilities for analyzing them, thus users have the chance to use their preferred aspect for viewing data.

  1. Saiku Interface to enable users to create their requests and report the data. It is also possible to display the results in graphs and export them into an excel spreadsheet.
  2. A Web Page to enable users to extract data on companies they select.
  3. Pubby which is a Linked Data Frontend for exploring the data in the Data Warehouse In addition, a program automates the ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) Process.

Improves access

The User has multiple possibilities for accessing the data. The User can start a company search by using the FIOS web page. Once information is obtained on a company, Saiku, an OLAP analysis tool can be used to build a data cube. The User defines the query and builds the data model in Saiku.

In addition, the User can explore the data with the help of Pubby, a query analysis tool.

FIOS provides an interface with Excel. The User can import data into Excel to produce reports and graphs.

FIOS is set up to access financial data from the SEC Edgar database, Yahoo Finance (stock data) and Wikipedia/DBpedia.


FIOS uses Saiku, a powerful OLAP analysis tool. Saiku allows the User to create unique OLAP queries and to choose various dimensions to display in multidimensional data cubes. Saiku provides a simple interface with Excel. Complex reports generated in Saiku can be exported to Excel for reporting. FIOS provides a web page that contains information about companies in the data warehouse. The charts contained in this web page are suitable for year-to-year comparisons, as well as comparisons between companies.


The power of the FIOS system relies on the multiple data views. The User can view data on the web page, where information is aggregated to represent the financial condition of the company and to report certain key performance indicators.

Saiku enables the User to present company data in a very simple way. Saiku provides for data consolidation, the drill-down and slice and dice of data. The User can compare companies and market segments. Multiple companies can be viewed and compared along the same reporting period.

Pubby enables the User to access data just by clicking through the pages to see the source of the data.

FIOS offers a complete analytics package that combines an OLAP tool with the power of Excel to report and graph the data from a variety of data sites.


The integration of different data sources and the possibilities of viewing data according to the Linked Data principles is innovative. All data is web-accessible and freely available. The integrated information is also web-accessible and in turn interoperable and linkable with other data sources. The data can be accessed as a resource, analysis conducted, comments added and data can be shared. In this manner, third parties can link to and integrate data.

FIOS extracts, transforms and uploads data automaticallyfrom the SEC Edgar database and Yahoo Finance. Saiku uses olap4LD, which allows analysis of Linked Data sources. The web page uses SPARK, a JavaScript library that allows the simple integration of data from all over the Web. With the use of an online available data warehouse, the endpoint can be accessed at any time and from any program. Thus, new applications can be added easily. Since all data follow the Linked Data principles, new data sources can be easily added and linked. This data structure allows easily linking new data sources and making new data available which the User can use for analysis.

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