Statement of Purpose:
XBRLFINAPP is an online Financial Analytics Platform. It aims to do provide key financial information form XBRL package.Here user can create/edit formula and further he can play with the formulas and do simple arithmetic operations like “+,-, and /”.

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Namit Kewat

XBRLFinApp’s core design principal/philosophy: Analysis power should be given to user so that he/she can do simple arithmetic operations

XBRLFINAPP is a online app, its free; visit and upload your xbrl package for xbrl financial analytics

Design Your formula

User can calculate financial ratios. XBRLFINAPP is intelligent app in terms of finding the elements; for example if you want to calculate Total liabilites and filler hasn’t provided that element in its instance document then app will find out its component and will resolve every thing (unit/balance/period/context) and will return the total of its component which will represent current liabilities. With such element finding mechanism cross comparison becomes easy.
XBRLFINAPP allows you to design financial formulas naturally(as simple as we write them on paper). Its a two step process.

Enter the id of xbrl elements and name them.

For example:
Next I can also make formulas based on formulas which I have wrote earlier as;

Now summary of above two steps:



Writing formulas as easy as natural(just as we are writing them on paper) user can concentrate on the analytics part.

Team Member

Namit Kewat
Namit is working as a XBRL financial analyst. (,