Intrinio’s mission is to help investors save money and make time through making data accessible and affordable. We believe investors waste time on data collection, data entry, and data analysis because traditional financial data providers stifle innovation through high prices and restrictive technology. The Intrinio Fintech marketplace solves this problem by making financial data affordable and easy to access for developers, unleashing their creative potential to build the next generation of financial analytics products.

Dozens of data feeds are currently available at disruptively low prices, providing data types such as FDIC bank data, real time IEX stock prices, fundamental US 10Q and 10K data, and insider transactions. Dozens of applications built with that data are also available, applications that free up investors to focus on what really matters- testing assumptions, conducting research, and generating insight.

By uniting data providers, developers, and investors around a new model for financial innovation, the Intrinio Fintech marketplace promises to refocus the financial data industry on the developers and investors that make meaning out of data.

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