XBRL US is governed by a Board of Directors, with annual nominations and voting by XBRL US member companies.

Michael Becker
Executive Vice President, International Business Strategy, Business Wire
Al Berkeley
Al Berkeley
Chairman, Princeton Capital Management

Pranav Ghai
CEO & Co-Founder, Calcbench
Len Lipton
Len Lipton
Managing Director, Globe Tax
Barry Melancon
Barry Melancon
President and CEO, American Institute of
Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
Jeffrey Naumann
Director, Deloitte

Paul Penler
Executive Director, Ernst & Young LLP
John Purves
Product Management, Oracle Corporation
Michael Schlanger
Vice President, Business Development &
Strategy, Toppan Merrill
Andrew Wallace Partner, Risk Assurance, PwC
Landon Westerlund
Landon Westerlund
Partner, Audit, KPMG