Alexander Falk of AltovaAltova

Alexander Falk

“XBRL is an essential international standard, and our partnership with XBRL US is vital for staying connected with XBRL trends. Altova is committed to providing a whole comprehensive range of tools, from taxonomy development, to data mapping, to high-performance validation and beyond.”

Amy Pawlicki of American Institute of Certified Public AccountantsAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Amy Pawlicki

“The ability of XBRL to enhance the efficiency and transparency of business information, including financial reporting and the broader footprint of other reporting channels and requirements, is of significant value to the CPA Profession and those it supports.”

Julie Valpey of BDOBDO

Julie Valpey

“XBRL technology is evolving at lightning speed. Membership in XBRL US is a vital tool for staying informed and helps us assist our clients in remaining compliant and producing quality XBRL data.”

Michael Becker of Business WireBusiness Wire

Michael Becker

“Business Wire and XBRL US share a common goal: A more transparent market. Business Wire’s close work with XBRL US allows us to help our customers achieve fuller, fairer disclosure. “

Shawn Rush of CompSci ResourcesCompSci Resources

Shawn Rush

“XBRL is the optimal solution to ensure that the investing public and regulatory authorities have access to financial data that is clear, consistent, and more accurately analyzed with software. As such, CompSci supports the mission of XBRL US to promote XBRL standards that will allow both producers and consumers of financial data to automate the process of data collection, reporting, consumption, and analysis.”

Darren Peterson of EDGAR OnlineEDGAR Online

Darren Peterson

“XBRL provides investors with the ability to easily compare company financials, while also assisting enterprises in enhancing their governance, regulatory compliance and risk management operations.”

Greg Carter of EDGAR Online

Greg Carter

“Financial surveillance and the call for transparency and greater disclosure is increasing. The result so far is a mountain of “big data” – not information. XBRL helps turn this data into more useable, actionable information. EDGAR Online is pleased to be one of the early XBRL US members and leaders in the movement towards better data.”

Martin Foont of GlobeTaxGlobeTax

Martin Foont

“GlobeTax is excited to be working with XBRL-US to improve the effectiveness of announcements, in order to increase the speed and accuracy of processing by market participants.”

Sean Denham of Grant ThorntonGrant Thornton

Sean Denham

“XBRL US Membership allows Grant Thornton to be ‘in the know’ on the latest XBRL developments which allows us to be better advisors to our clients.”

Michael Ohata of KPMGKPMG

Michael Ohata

“Membership provides access to a broad set of resources and information that can assist you in getting started with the technology, and for understanding the implications of its applications.”

Mike Schlanger of Merrill CorporationMerrill Corporation

Mike Schlanger

“This is just the beginning of the innovative use of XBRL reporting in business, and Merrill is committed to staying at the forefront of this emerging technology. Our membership in XBRL US gives us access to the leading developments and best practices as they emerge.I highly recommend anyone who wants to keep abreast of XBRL developments or be a part of this information revolution, join XBRL US.”

Liam Power of PR Newswire and VintagePR Newswire and Vintage

Liam Power

“PR Newswire and Vintage recognize that XBRL has introduced a fundamental and lasting change to the filing process. In response, we have created world-class solutions ensuring our clients have a flawless experience implementing this latest SEC mandate.”

Jonathan Elliott of RDG FilingsRDG Filings

Jonathan Elliott

“XBRL has fundamentally changed the accessibility and value of financial data, and RDG Filings is committed to creating the highest quality, most usable data available. RDG is proud to be a founding member of the XBRL US Center for Data Quality, and our membership in XBRL-US helps keep RDG at the forefront of knowledge and expertise.”

Malene McMahon of Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)

Malene McMahon

“Linking issuers to investors in corporate actions is just the beginning. SWIFT’s partnership with XBRL US will help raise the bar in data standards alignment for years to come.”