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Earlier (2021)

Beat the clock on earnings day.

Gladimyr Sully, Financial Data & Analysis, idaciti; Christine Tan, Co-founder and Chief Research Officer, idaciti; and Elaine Zhang, Financial Data Analyst, idaciti

Analysts and investors race to beat the clock on earnings day. What if earnings announcements were machine-readable?

Earlier (2021)

SEC BETA EDGAR Helps Vendors and Issuers

By John Truzzolino, Chair, XBRL US Regulatory Modernization Working Group, and Director, Donnelley Financial Services (DFIN); with members of the Working Group

We appreciate the helping hand offered by the Commission to take concrete steps to improve the efficiencies of the EDGAR system, and to work in partnership with vendors and issuers to improve communication, and provide the market with tools that can reduce friction in the processing of time-sensitive, market-moving filings. 

Earlier (2021)

Getting XBRL Data in Excel is Easy as 1-2-3

David Tauriello, Vice President, Operations, XBRL US

The XBRL API can now be accessed through a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Learn the 3 easy steps to get data through Excel.

Earlier (2020)

SEC acknowledges (and uses) XBRL US DQC rules

Ami Beers, CPA, CGMA, Senior Director, Assurance and Advisory Innovation — Public Accounting, AICPA; and Joan Berg, Toppan Merrill, and Chair, XBRL US Data Quality Committee

The SEC not only acknowledges the value of DQC rules, but indicates that the staff is using the rules themselves.

Earlier (2020)

Thank You, Members of XBRL US

Campbell Pryde, President and CEO, XBRL US

Much was accomplished in 2020, in large part thanks to members of XBRL US. Our work together sets the stage for an exciting 2021.