Academic Committee (Subcommittee of the CSC)

Formed as a subcommittee of the Communication Steering Committee, the Academic Committee is tasked with developing resources for educators that aid in the understanding and use of structured data standards programs.

XTAC (Subcommittee of the DSC)

Formed as a subcommittee of the Communication Steering Committee and the Domain Steering Committee, Regulatory Modernization Working Group is tasked with establishing a dialogue with regulators to ensure the efficient implementation of structured data standards programs.


XULE is an expression syntax that allows the querying of XBRL reports and taxonomies using a XULE processor. The primary purpose of XULE is to provide a user friendly syntax to query and manipulate XBRL data. Unlike XBRL Formula XULE does not have the ability create facts or define new XBRL reports.

XBRL Taxonomy Development Handbook

The Taxonomy Development Handbook (TDH) is a comprehensive guide directing regulators, industry experts, and businesses through a practical roadmap to building high quality data standards, to support the increasing demand for data standardization in business and government reporting.

Standard Government Reporting Working Group

This working group is pursuing opportunities involving Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs), Single Audit packages, state-mandated Annual Financial Reports (AFRs), and responses to relevant Census Bureau financial surveys. The group will support relevant institutions gaining technical understanding and establishing best practices for disclosure modernization for the benefit of US state and local governments, as well as public pension systems.

Taxonomy Approval Metrics and Process

Version 1.0 Approved May 10, 2018 The Taxonomy Approval Metrics (TAM) document establishes standards for the development of XBRL taxonomies and supporting materials, from the perspective of systems development. This set of standardized metrics will serve as an integral part of the XBRL US Taxonomy Approval Process to determine taxonomies that will be certified to […more]

XBRL US Style Guide

The XBRL US Style Guide has been revised and updated by the Domain Steering Committee. The Style Guide is designed to be used by developers as they build new taxonomies or update existing taxonomies, to facilitate the creation of consistent, high-quality, easy-to-use taxonomies.

XBRL Standard Units & Namespaces

Units Registry EDGAR State and Country Codes Namespaces Instance: xmlns:xbrli=”” Numeric: xmlns:num=”” Xlink: xmlns:xlink=”” Non-Numeric: xmlns:nonnum=”” Document Type: xmlns:xbrldt=”” Linkbase: xmlns:link=””

US XBRL Taxonomies by Domain

Below is a list of US XBRL taxonomies developed by XBRL US and other organizations. Click the titles below to get descriptions, contacts, detailed technical information and additional resources. You can also browse these taxonomies in reverse chronological order.