Mission: To promote and support democratized access to XBRL tagged data broadly, with a focus on enabling the academic community to answer important questions for research and teaching.

Responsibilities: Develop a plan and content for a repository for academics that has XBRL data query scripts, data sets, educational materials, and existing research using XBRL data. See the Academic Resources page on our site.

Get Involved: 

This is a permanent subcommittee of the CSC that meets every month – email info@xbrl.us to learn more, attend the next meeting and join this group.

Current Members:

  • Christine Cheng, University of Mississippi, Chair
  • Lindsey Brake, Michigan State University
  • Tabassum Baig, FASB
  • Marc Cussat, Clemson
  • Steven Huddart, Penn State
  • Ariel Markelevich, Suffolk University
  • Louis Matherne, FASB
  • Rob Nehmer, Oakland University
  • Melissa Nicholson, FASB

Topic - All Domains