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published Jan '16

The Data Quality Committee includes representatives from data aggregators, institutional investors, the accounting profession and academia. The DQC’s activities include:

  • Obtaining input through public exposure of proposed guidance and validation rules for a forty-five day period and incorporating the input, as appropriate, in the final approved guidance and validation rules.
  • Reviewing and approving unambiguous guidance on how to tag financial data with freely available, automated validation rules to verify compliance with its guidance and to prevent or detect tagging errors.
  • Providing progress updates to SEC staff and input to FASB staff to aid in simplifying and improving the US GAAP Taxonomy.

The Members of the Data Quality Committee are:

Shelly Wavrin, Toppan Merrill (Chair)

Bryan Bracey, CIGNA

Adrien Cloutier, Morningstar, Inc.

Campbell Pryde, XBRL US, Inc

Charles Kessler, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Gladimyr Sully, FactSet

Jennifer Liu, Bloomberg

Pranav Ghai, Calcbench

Permanent Observers

Izabela Ruta, IASB

Louis Matherne, FASB

Topic - Creating XBRL DataUS GAAP