XBRL US Benefits

Founding Member Sustaining
SEC Filer Member
Member Categories >> Council

Individual Single Initiative SEC Filer
Access to information on XBRL development projects X X X X  X
Access to SEC Filer Member Tools for analysis of filings and benchmarking taxonomy changes X  X  X  X  X
Priority email communications via the XBRL US Member mailing list X X X X X
Access to the XBRL US Member Group on LinkedIn X X X X X
Access to XBRL US Data Quality Rule Check service X X X
Ability to participate in any XBRL US development project X X
Access to SEC Filer Member Tools and Comprehensive Filing Analysis for checking company SEC Filings * X X X
Direct access to XBRL US Database of Public Filings X X Power User; Sole Practitioner
Discounts on XBRL US GAAP Certificate program X X X X X
Discounts on XBRL US and XBRL International events X X X X X
Engagement and Influence
Ability to join Domain and Communications Steering Committees as a voting member (excludes DQC – learn about Center for Data Quality benefits)** X X Sole Practitioner X X
Ability to join industry working groups and sub-committees as a voting member** X X Sole Practitioner X X
International participation – US-based employees can participate in XII committees, working groups** X X
Can be nominated onto the Board of Directors X X
Can elect to take a seat on the Board of Directors X
Receive and maintain XBRL Achievements as qualified X X X X X
Branding associated with specific development project X X X
Discounts on sponsor packages at XBRL US events X X X
Special promotional opportunities at XBRL US events X X X
Web posting of corporate and product information in multiple areas:
1) Company Profile 2) Products & Services, 3) News releases, 4) Events

* XBRL US Founding or Sustaining Organizational members are granted authorization for access to this tool for checking filings by written request from the client company contact.

** Single Initiative Members may be added at CEO discretion; Individual and Power Users Members can request to attend/observe XBRL US Committees and Working Groups.