The applications linked below have been reviewed and found to:

  • incorporate the current set of approved XBRL US Data Quality Committee rules and
  • successfully run the rules on XBRL filings to produce expected results.

Certified Applications

Merrill Bridge from Merrill Corporation

Arelle from Mark V Systems Limited

Disclosure Management Solution from DataTracks

RaptorXML + XBRL Server from Altova

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Why use a certified application in your process?

By using a certified application, public companies are assured that their filings are compliant with DQC guidance that is verified by DQC approved validation rules, thus preventing errors or inconsistencies in their XBRL filings prior to submission to the SEC.

Why certify your software?

Companies with XBRL US certified applications provide their customers with assurance that their filings comply with the DQC guidance that is verified by DQC validation rules. In addition, these companies demonstrate their support for and participation in the only industry-led, open source data quality initiative that goes through a transparent public comment process. Complete the form at right to learn about the application certification process and Center for Data Quality participation.

XBRL US Members of the Center for Data Quality




Approved Guidance and Validation Rules