From Toppan Merrill for EDGAR filers

Built on the Microsoft® Office® platform, Toppan Merrill Bridge (“Bridge”) integrates seamlessly and intuitively with the tools you already use, unlocking full control, collaboration and confidence to meet global regulatory disclosure requirements. A truly hassle-free approach to financial content management and regulatory disclosure compliance.

Bridge is intuitive technology that works with your work group to make disclosure content management easier, faster and more accurate. Generate precise EDGAR and XBRL submissions and other global regulatory filings automatically. Enjoy peace of mind with ironclad security protocols. Perfect and distribute financial disclosure documents with error-free confidence.

Features: 24/7 technical support • Center for Data Quality Certified • consulting • filing preparation • For EDGAR Filers • inline XBRL • instance creation • instance rendering • taxonomy comparison • taxonomy validation • taxonomy/extension creation • training classes • XBRL review •

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