Database of Public Filings

Features: data analysis • data reporting • financial information analysis •

XBRL US Members have access to our Database of Public Filings – a Postgres resource of filings submitted to the SEC since 2009. Not an XBRL US Member, yet? Maybe it’s time to consider joining for yourself or your organization.

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DisclosureNet Solutions and Services

Features: consulting • data analysis • data management • data reporting • filing preparation • financial information analysis • For EDGAR Filers • instance creation • instance rendering • software development • taxonomy comparison • taxonomy management • taxonomy validation • taxonomy/extension creation • training classes • web-based training • XBRL review •

Certent DisclosureNet is the only complete reporting solution, period. It provides solutions and services to access public company filings and helps locate qualitative, unstructured information to establish best practices and perform peer comparisons. Combining the latest technology with deep industry knowledge, DisclosureNet helps finance and reporting teams collaborate, gain valuable insights, improve efficiency, reduce costs […more]

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Data Analysis Toolkit

Features: data analysis • financial information analysis •

A collection of simple APIs and templates that perform financial analysis using XBRL data. For investors, analysts, regulators and other data consumers interested in getting source XBRL data for comparative purposes.

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Features: data analysis • data reporting •

Altova StyleVision’s visual design model radically simplifies XBRL-related reporting and analysis, making it possible for business domain experts without deep XML expertise to leverage the full power of XBRL. StyleVision’s support for XML, SQL database, and XBRL inputs also makes it possible to combine XBRL document-based content with data from other sources, all using a […more]

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