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XBRL Training for SEC Filers

This web-based eLearning is specifically designed for SEC Filers with no knowledge of XBRL/iXBRL, who are looking to meet the SEC mandate for XBRL and inline XBRL (iXBRL) filings.

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Certent Disclosure Management

Certent Disclosure Management is a comprehensive web-delivered solution that provides greater control over your financial documents and eliminates manual processes. Certent simplifies financial reporting compliance with the SEC in both XBRL and HTML formats with one-click filing, and financial connectors to pull information directly from your ERP or GL system.

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FERC XBRL/iXBRL Filing Services

We provide FERC filing agent services to prepare, validate and submit FERC forms 1/2/3-Q/6/60/714 filings in the new XBRL/iXBRL format. We work from data in whatever form you can provide, and take care of all XBRL tagging and other XBRL/iXBRL requirements. Prior to submission, we provide you printable proofs of the filing, various reports, and […more]

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