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XBRL US GAAP Certificate Program

Get the in-depth, comprehensive training you need to consistently create high-quality XBRL-formatted financial statements for SEC reporting. As a certificate holder, you’ll gain a solid understanding of US GAAP taxonomy fundamentals to tag face financials and detailed footnotes, create extensions, conduct validation, manage release versions and follow best practice.

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WIP add-in for Excel

The Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL add-in for Excel makes it easy for contractors to submit WIP reports to sureties in a valid XBRL format – simply by entering the information into a spreadsheet in Excel. With a build-in toolbar ribbon and Document Actions pane, the add-in provides all the guidance you’ll need to […more]

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DQC Rules Check

The XBRL US Data Quality Committee (DQC) develops and publishes validation rules for SEC Filings. This secure tool is a free service from XBRL US for all public companies and XBRL US Organizational Members. Individuals responsible for filing XBRL with the SEC should use this free service on their company’s files before submitting documents to the […more]

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RaptorXML + XBRL Server

Altova RaptorXML Server is the third-generation, hyper-fast XML and XBRL processor from the makers of XMLSpy®. RaptorXML is built from the ground up to be optimized for the latest standards and parallel computing environments. Designed to be highly cross-platform capable, the engine takes advantage of today’s ubiquitous multi-CPU computers to deliver lightning fast processing of […more]

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XBRL Tagging Services for Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Risk/Return XBRL Tagging Services. CompSci’s focus on simplicity, accuracy, and timeliness sets our EDGAR software platform, Transform™, apart from other options. Our innovative software gives us a big advantage as we handle all of your mutual fund risk/return XBRL tagging needs in-house at our corporate headquarters in Virginia.

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