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Database of Public Filings

Features: data analysis • data reporting • financial information analysis •

XBRL US Members have access to our Database of Public Filings – a Postgres resource of filings submitted to the SEC since 2009. Not an XBRL US Member, yet? Maybe it’s time to consider joining for yourself or your organization.

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Data Quality Committee Announces 3rd Set of Approved Rules Covering Over 3,300 US GAAP Concepts

The freely-available rules and guidance developed by an industry coallaborative help public companies detect inconsistencies or errors in their XBRL-formatted financial data. Several tools are certified for implementation of the approved rules.

Research & Data

Browse this growing collection of case studies, white papers and resources documenting the significance of the business reporting data standard, or dig and discover what’s in the data with tools and services like our Data Analysis Toolkit that bring near real-time analysis to your desktop or device.

XBRL US Data Quality Committee Announces Publication of 2nd Set of Approved Rules and Guidance

Issuers encouraged to use the rules to identify and resolve data quality errors in financials XBRL US announced that it had published the second set of approved rules and guidance developed by the Data Quality Committee (DQC), which are now freely available for issuers to use to identify and correct errors in their filings. The […more]

XBRL US Data Quality Committee Announces Third Public Review Affecting 3000+ US GAAP Elements

XBRL US announced the start of its third public exposure period for guidance and rules developed by the Data Quality Committee (DQC), which is funded through the Center for Data Quality. The Committee is responsible for developing guidance and validation rules that can prevent or detect inconsistencies or errors in XBRL data filed with the SEC and focuses on data quality issues that adversely affect data analysis.

WIP add-in for Excel

Features: data reporting • instance creation •

The Altova Work in Process (WIP) XBRL add-in for Excel makes it easy for contractors to submit WIP reports to sureties in a valid XBRL format – simply by entering the information into a spreadsheet in Excel. With a build-in toolbar ribbon and Document Actions pane, the add-in provides all the guidance you’ll need to […more]

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DQC Rules Check

Features: For EDGAR Filers •

The XBRL US Data Quality Committee (DQC) develops and publishes validation rules for SEC Filings. This secure tool is a free service from XBRL US for all public companies and XBRL US Organizational Members. Individuals responsible for filing XBRL with the SEC should use this free service on their company’s files before submitting documents to the […more]

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Features: financial information analysis •

Get this free mobile app to download quarterly or annual normalized financial data for individual companies. Follow the steps below to get the app: Download the MobileTogether app for handheld devices (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone). In the MobileTogether app add a new server with the address: and port 80 (leave the user as […more]

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Data Analysis Toolkit Features Templates & APIs

This set of freely available spreadsheet templates and APIs lets analysts, investors, data providers and regulators easily extract XBRL-formatted financial fundamentals. The toolkit includes templates that perform analyses on margins, leases and balance sheets, in addition to APIs that allow users to extract reported values. XBRL data produced by using the toolkit is driven by […more]

Data Analysis Toolkit

Create a free account with us to use this collection of updated APIs and spreadsheet templates that perform financial analysis using XBRL data. Read documentation and watch tutorials to learn about customizing the data returned by the APIs. Perfect for investors, analysts, regulators and other data consumers.