XBRL US Benefits

Founding Member Sustaining
SEC Filer or FERC Filer Member
Member Categories >> Council

Academic Institutions
Basic, Power,
or Sole
Single Initiative SEC Filer
FERC Filer
Access to information on XBRL development projects X X X X  X
Access to SEC Filer Member Tools for analysis of filings and benchmarking taxonomy changes X X X X X
Priority email communications via the XBRL US Member mailing list X X X X X
Access to the XBRL US Member Group on LinkedIn X X X X X
Access to SEC Filer Member Tools and Comprehensive Filing Analysis for checking company SEC Filings * X X X X
Data access through the XBRL API ** and related resources X X 2,000 – unlimited records** X
Direct access to XBRL US Database of Public Filings ** and AWS snapshots X X Sole Practitioner; Power User X
Access to XBRL US Data Quality Rule Check service X X X
Engagement and Influence
Ability to join Domain and Communications Steering Committees as a voting member (excludes DQC – learn about Center for Data Quality benefits)*** X X Sole Practitioner X X
Ability to join industry working groups and sub-committees as a voting member*** X X Sole Practitioner X X
Ability to participate in any XBRL US development project X X Sole Practitioner
International participation – US-based employees can participate in XII committees, working groups*** X X
Can be nominated onto the Board of Directors X X
Can elect to take a seat on the Board of Directors X
Discounts on AICPA’s XBRL Fundamentals program X X X X X
Discounts on XBRL US and XBRL International events X X X X X
Receive and maintain XBRL Achievements as qualified X X X X X
Branding associated with specific development project X X X
Discounts on sponsor packages at XBRL US events X X X
Special promotional opportunities at XBRL US events X X X
Web posting of corporate and product information in multiple areas:
1) Company Profile 2) Products & Services, 3) News releases, 4) Events

* XBRL US Founding or Sustaining Organizational members are granted authorization for access to this tool for checking filings by written request from the client company contact.

** Unless otherwise agreed to, data maintained by XBRL US and returned by the XBRL API is subject to the following guidelines:

  • Company and Institutional Members, as well as Sole Practitioner and Power User Individual Members can return unlimited results with 5,000 records per paged request. Basic Individual Members can return a maximum of 2,000 records with 500 records per page (4 pages). Basic Individual and non-Member access is limited to 100,000 queries per year.
  • Non-member, Basic Individual and Power User access and use of data maintained by XBRL US is restricted to private, non-commercial research only and may not be redistributed. Sole Practitioner Individual Members may use data from XBRL US in a commercial setting with their existing clients, but may not redistribute data to clients or prospective clients.
  • Any and all use of the XBRL APIs to return data from the XBRL US Database of Public Filings is in explicit consent and agreement with the XBRL API Terms of Agreement.

Direct access to the XBRL US Database of Public Filings is governed by a Grant of Use submitted by each individual requesting access and is approved by XBRL US Staff. Institutional access to this resource is restricted to faculty.

*** Single Initiative Members may be added at CEO discretion; Basic Individual and Power Users Members can request to attend/observe XBRL US Committees and Working Groups.