Demonstrate your dedication to data quality. Join the Center, a collaboration of public companies, service providers, and data users, that help SEC filers improve the quality and usability of XBRL financial data filed with the SEC.

XBRL US Members can join the Center as a Founder, or as a non-Founding member. All Center participants are invited to help the Data Quality Committee (DQC) develop freely available guidance and validation rules that public companies use to prevent or detect inconsistencies or errors in XBRL submissions to the SEC.

Benefits of Non-Founding membership

  • Access to the development cycle for rules and guidance (prior to public review) through participation in the DQC work group.
  • Visibility for the company’s role through web posting and other communications.
  • Certification that the company’s  software works with the latest major release of final rules along with XBRL US support in incorporating the rules successfully.
  • Visibility for Software Certification on the Center for Data Quality web page and other site pages where the software is listed or mentioned, as well as the ability to add the Data Quality Certification logo to your software marketing materials.
  • Ability for the company’s employees to use XBRL US’ comprehensive SEC Filer Member ruleset on behalf of clients.

Fees for Non-Founders are based on 1) the organization’s role as either a software or service provider; and 2) the number and breakdown of clients, categorized as small reporting companies versus all other companies. The minimum annual rate is $4,000, and the maximum annual rate is capped at $60,000.

Benefits of Founding membership

  • All Non-Founding participant benefits listed above.
  • Ability to have a company employee join as a voting member of the Data Quality Committee (subject to approval).
  • Ability to have a company employee named to the XBRL US Board of Directors as a founding member (subject to approval).
  • Recognition for the company’s role as a Founder.
  • Proportional Rebate of founding fee paid if aggregate fee revenue exceeds expenses.

The annual rate for Founding-level participation starts at $100,000 and is capped at $200,000. Fees are based on the minimum annual rate, plus half of the un-capped cost of the company’s calculated Non-Founding-level participation rate .*


* For example, if the Non-Founding rate for your organization is $40,000, your Founding member dues would be calculated as: $100,000 + ($40,000/2) = $120,000.   If your Non-Founding rate is $60,000 (maximum rate) because your calculated un-capped non-Founder rate was $80,000, your Founding member dues would be calculated as: $100,000 + ($80,000/2) = $140,000