The Data Quality Committee approves rules 3-4 times per year, and XBRL US Members who participate in the Center for Data Quality and provide filing software to clients must be certified each time new rules are approved by the Committee.

Center for Data Quality software providers earn DQC certification for a release by using the accession list linked below to identify 10 false-positive error messages in the XML log contained in the .zip linked below.

Download Resources for Certification

Identify 10 false-positives in the posted log

    1. Run the current effective ruleset for all accession numbers in the .csv file and generate results to a file. The file should include the following information:
      •   sec_accession_number
      •   company_name
      •   document_type
      •   filing_date
      •   rule_num
      •   rule
      •   message
      •   rule_focus (optional)

      The XML file in the posted .zip is formatted as follows:

          <company_name>HDIMAX MEDIA, INC.</company_name>
          <document_type>S1</document_type >
          <filing_date>2016-01-02</filing_date >
          <rule_num>DQC.US.0006.14</rule_num >
          <rule_name>DQC.US.0006</rule >
          <message>The number of days, 130 in the date range reported for 1. Description of Business, 2015-05-24 to 2015-09-30 is not consistent with the Document Fiscal Period Focus with a value of Q3.
          The properties of this us-gaap:BusinessDescriptionAndBasisOfPresentationTextBlock fact are:
          Period: 2015-05-24 to 2015-09-30
          Dimensions: none
          Unit: none
          Rule version: 1.0</message >
          <rule_focus>[CDATA{attribute value pairs as necessary}]</rule_focus>

      View a simple example of the result.

    2. Load both result sets to a database or other software and generate a diff of the logs to identify the 10 false-positive entries that have been included in the .zip.


  1. Submit the false-positive results as .csv or .xml to with subject certification analysis results for release nnIMPORTANT: if your results have additional errors, be sure to contact to let the Committee know, and send details so the filing can be evaluated and a fix developed, if necessary.

    Although this data is not to be used for DQC Certification purposes, anyone can use the XBRL API to query published results: