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Case Studies & White Papers


Review case studies, white papers and research from XBRL US and others. Here’s a sample from the last eighteen months: Get the big picture on selected topics with one of our standardized financial data infographics.

How Auditors Use Structured Data & Why

- January, 2017

Auditors evaluate the reasonableness of client projections such as future revenue growth, profitability and capital expenditure requirements. To evaluate the reasonableness of these projections, BDO USA, LLP often looks at data from similar companies within the same industry. XBRL allowed them to perform a more robust analysis with more companies over a significantly shorter time period.

How Research Analysts Use Structured Data & Why


Research analysts at Accounting Observer saved 72 hours off data collection time when analyzing unremitted foreign earnings for Fortune 500 companies, compared to their process using traditional datasets.