A standard to retrieve XBRL data

The XBRL API (Application Program Interface) helps data users access timely, highly granular, structured financial data. This standardized API lets developers and data utilities access fact, report, taxonomy and other details from any database that contains XBRL data, including the XBRL US Database of Public Filings, which contains EDGAR filings submitted in XBRL since 2009. We use the XBRL API on our site to show recent filing results by company and aggregate results of filings scanned with Data Quality Committee Approved Rules.

Start using as-filed data

The Google Add-on is the easiest way to get started working with data from the Database of Public Filings via the XBRL API . You can also get OAuth2 access to the data to use with the XBRL Filed Data Excel Add-in and templates, additional resources or directly in your applications. Check the Data Community page for details.

The API documentation is essential to understanding the framework for the APIs and building complex queries, and also has details for getting connected to a stand alone REST client.

What is the XBRL US database?

This database was created to demonstrate the kind of structured data that is available, and to give startup organizations an opportunity to test out using XBRL-formatted information.

Our database contains nearly 10 years of public company data submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including US GAAP data from U.S. issuers, and IFRS data from foreign private issuers (now available since the SEC has approved the IFRS Taxonomy). We’re exploring data from Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, and other jurisdictions with XBRL reporting requirements for inclusion, as well as data from banks reporting to the FDIC, and mutual funds reporting to the SEC.

Can the XBRL API be used with other databases?

Yes – any database that contains XBRL data can be accessed by using the the XBRL API. The XBRL API is a free open source tool – any data provider can offer their users the XBRL APIs to extract information from their dataset. If you have a commercial database and are interested in learning how you can incorporate the APIs into your offering, review the documentation provided and contact us at info@xbrl.us.