The XBRL Application Program Interface (API) assists data scientists, developers, and data utilities query and extract timely, granular, structured data from any database that contains XBRL data.

We’ve implemented the XBRL API with our XBRL US Database of Public Filings – a continuously updated resource of financial reports from public companies and utilities. Anyone can explore our Database with the XBRL API without cost or obligation. Most XBRL US Members enjoy unlimited access and no quotas.

Get Started.

The Google Add-on is the quickest way to learn how to use the XBRL API. OAuth2 access lets you use the XBRL API with programming languages like PHP, Python and R, and the Excel XBRL Filed Data Add-in and templates. Check the Data Community page for resources.


When you’re ready to begin using the API directly, the XBRL API documentation is essential reading to understand the framework for the APIs and begin building more complex queries. It also has instructions on getting connected to a stand alone REST client.

Use the API with any XBRL database.

This open-source, freely available tool can be used with any XBRL database, offered by any provider. If you have a commercial database and are interested in learning how you can incorporate the APIs into your offering, review the documentation provided and contact us at