Approximate Public Exposure Periods for DQC Rules and Guidance
  • April 15 – May 31
  • July 15 – August 31
  • November 15- December 31

Public review and comment is a critical part of the process of improving the usability of XBRL filed with the SEC. Generally, rules are considered for approval within 45 days of the close of public exposure for comment, and should be implemented in all filings within 90 days of approval.

During the Public Review period for version 24 the Data Quality Committee seeks comment on Guidance for US GAAP Dividend Disclosure reporting, in addition to 10 new automated checks, as well as updates to rules for filers using the US GAAP and IFRS taxonomies, from April 15 through Friday, May 31, 2024.

The latest compiled rule releases and reference implementation code are linked at right. These resources can be used with Arelle – the free, open source XBRL processor – and the XULE rules engine. See the schedule in the inset box for approximate public exposure period timing.

For each rule or guidance item listed below, click the title to review its comprehensive documentation. To post your comments, you will need to login and agree to Terms and Conditions for Public Comments. Comments received can be reviewed without logging in.

When providing feedback about guidance or a rule, please consider the following:

  • What is the concern with the proposed rule? Please be as specific as possible and include examples using data submitted to the SEC.
  • How should the rule be revised?
  • How does the revision to the rule improve the usability of the data?

Use this link for general feedback on all rules and guidance.

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Comments due by Friday, May 31, 2024:



Dividend Disclosures in the Statement of Changes in Shareholders Equity

The rule identifies where the filer has used inappropriate combinations of dividend elements in the Statement of Shareholders Equity. The rule is comprised of nine components that help filers to select the correct elements and to tag the values with the appropriate sign.



Dividend Event Disclosures

The rule identifies those cases where the filer has used the DividendsAxis inappropriately in the filing. The rule has eight components that check that the filer complies with the DQC Dividend guidance.



Dividend Financial Statement Disclosures

These rules apply to the reporting of information related to the reporting of dividend disclosures in the face of the financial statements. The purpose of the rules is to get consistency of reporting and to support the DQC Dividend guidance.



Interest Expense Operating and Nonoperating

These rules apply to the 2024 taxonomy only. The rules are intended to ensure that filers use the correct elements to record interest expense operating and interest expense nonoperating.



Dimensional Equivalents Using the Meta Taxonomy

This rule overlaps with some of the rules implemented in DQC_0011. This rule will eventually supersede rule DQC_0011. The rule uses the dimensional equivalents defined in the Meta taxonomy and checks that the values reported in a filing are consistent.



Face Financial Statement Location using the Accrual Axis

The rule is intended to ensure that the StatementOfFinancialPositionLocationActivityAccrualAxis axis has been used correctly in filings and the BalanaceSheetLocation axis is not used to indicate the accounts where accruals are posted to.



OCI Reconciliation of Before Tax and Net of Tax OCI

The rule is intended to ensure that the OCI elements have been reported with the correct signage.



Reconciliation in Schedule Of Unrecognized Tax Benefits Roll Forward Table Text

This rule only applies to the 2024 taxonomy. The rule checks whether the reconciliation facts are contained within the ScheduleOfUnrecognizedTaxBenefitsRollForwardTableTextBlock in the inline XBRL filing.



Dividend Disclosures in the Components of Equity (IFRS)

The rule identifies where the filer has used inappropriate combinations of dividend elements in the Statement of Shareholders Equity. This rule has three components.



Property Plant and Equipment Calculation

This rule tests that the elements PropertyPlantAndEquipmentGross and PropertyPlantAndEquipmentAndFinanceLeaseRightOfUseAssetBeforeAccumulatedDepreciationAndAmortization are recorded correctly. Four components of the rule check calculations to determine these elements are recorded consistently.



Reporting US GAAP Dividend Disclosures in XBRL – FAQ

This guidance supersedes the prior guidance “XBRL US Best Practices/Data Quality Working Group- 2.1.5 Multiple Dividends Declared and Paid”. Filers are encouraged to modify their tagging following the approach outlined in the new guidance.