Filings Database
10+ years of financial data reported to the SEC and the FERC with continuous updates. Members have multiple options to access the full dataset, nonmembers limited access.

Access any kind of structured, granular XBRL data from any source with this open-source API.

XULE, an open-source processor
Process and manage XBRL facts, taxonomies, and reports. Use the XULE language to create custom normalizations, render reports, and build validation rules.

Data Community
Get Excel and Google sheet Add-ins. Customize and learn from pre-defined templates. Join the discussion with data scientists and developers.

XBRL data today is generated through 184 regulatory implementations worldwide. More programs are onboarding in 2022 including financial statements from every public company in the European Union. Environmental-social-governance data in XBRL format is next. Every data scientist, accountant, researcher, and analyst should have a deep understanding of how to create and use XBRL content. We have data, tools, and educational programs – use these pages to find out what you need to know now.

XBRL US offers Data Services to our organizational members including Database Snapshots, Custom Normalization Creation, and more. Contact to learn more.