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Get step by step instruction and mapping guides to XBRL-format your FERC Form data. Render and review your own XBRL-formatted Form. Inspect the FERC Taxonomy. Check your filing for data quality with FERC Validations.

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Get code and instructions to run the FERC Renderer and Validations in your own local environment.

Analyze your own and peer historical data. Find out how you can collect your vendor’s financial data in machine-readable XBRL format.

Access resources to support FERC filers complying with new XBRL requirements.

Public utilities reporting to the FERC are required to submit Forms 1 and 3-Q (electric utilities), Forms 2, 2-A, and 3-Q natural gas (gas pipeline companies), Forms 6 and 6-Q (oil pipeline companies), Form 60 (centralized service companies) and Form 714 (electric transmitting companies) in XBRL format, starting in 2021. Read the FERC rule – Revisions to the Filing Process for Commission Forms and visit FERC’s eForms Refresh page.

Find out about becoming an XBRL US FERC Filer Member.