Issuers on EU regulated markets prepare annual financial reports in Inline XBRL format. Submitted filings are tagged using the IFRS Taxonomy which is supported and maintained by the IFRS Foundation. The objectives of the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) initiative are to make reporting easier for issuers and to facilitate accessibility, analysis, and comparability of annual financial reports.

Data, Data Quality Rules and Results

XBRL International maintains an catalog of these filings at If you don’t see a filing on their page, use the form on the right to let us know.

The Data Quality Committee scans files posted by XBRL International for data quality issues – check here to find the latest filings or search for your favorite company.

The DQC Rules used are crowd-sourced and freely available, and XBRL US Members and public company personnel should check reports before they are submitted to ensure the data is of high quality.