Issuers on EU regulated markets have begun preparing their annual financial reports in Inline XBRL format. Submitted filings are tagged using the IFRS Taxonomy which is supported and maintained by the IFRS Foundation. The objectives of the ESEF initiative are to make reporting easier for issuers and to facilitate accessibility, analysis, and comparability of annual financial reports.

Initially every EU country plus the UK were slated to transition to Inline XBRL in 2021, however due to COVID-19 complications, the European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA) has allowed EU countries a one-year grace period to comply. Some countries however, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, have opted to begin the transition this year. In many other countries, issuers have filed voluntarily. See sample filings below. Help us keep this page current by sending more samples to post using the form on the right.

Sample ESEF Filings (updated 2021-04-09)

Country Company Filing Date XBRL Zip Inline Viewer
Austria Addiko Bank AG (Wien, 529900UKZBMDBDZIXD62) 2021-03-10 download .zip
Austria Addiko Bank AG (Wien, 529900UKZBMDBDZIXD62) 2021-03-10 download .zip
Austria AMAG Austria Metall AG (Braunau am Inn – Ranshofen, 5299005VO3GJ18GL5F14) 2021-03-22 download .zip
Austria Andritz AG (Graz, 549300VZKC61IR5U8G96) 2021-03-03 download .zip
Austria Atrium European Real Estate Limited (St.Helier, 213800OJ67K27RCO2J56) 2021-03-04 download .zip
Austria BAWAG Group AG (Wien, 529900S9YO2JHTIIDG38) 2021-03-08 download .zip
Austria BAWAG P.S.K. Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft und Österreichische Postsp… (Wien, 529900ICA8XQYGIKR372) 2021-03-10 download .zip
Austria Borealis AG (Wien, 549300TAT2TADBW0WR70) 2021-03-25 download .zip
Austria CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft (Wien, 5299003ICAPV07J0R180) 2021-03-24 download .zip
Austria FACC AG (Ried im Innkreis, 52990021YEMY298JY727) 2021-03-24 download .zip
Austria HYPO NOE Landesbank für Niederösterreich und Wien AG (St.Pölten, 5493007BWYDPQZLZ0Y27) 2021-03-11 download .zip
Austria KA Finanz AG (Wien, 6I8315LJQXS02XDL2V84) 2021-03-25 download .zip
Austria Kommunalkredit Austria AG (Wien, 549300IEVCBWVV97WC81) 2021-03-24 download .zip
Austria Landes-Hypothekenbank Steiermark Aktiengesellschaft (Graz, 529900E1YS9GCHZQ3D68) 2021-03-19 download .zip
Austria Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft (Lenzing (OÖ), 529900BKFJBI0QRDJH63) 2021-03-11 download .zip
Austria Oberbank AG (Linz, RRUN0TCQ1K2JDV7MXO75) 2021-03-22 download .zip
Austria OMV Aktiengesellschaft (Wien, 549300V62YJ9HTLRI486) 2021-03-25 download .zip
Austria Österreichische Post Aktiengesellschaft (Wien, 529900MVUWACNUTK8467) 2021-03-12 download .zip
Austria PALFINGER AG (Bergheim bei Salzburg, 529900IFAV83BX8O1O91) 2021-02-26 download .zip
Austria Raiffeisen Bank International AG (Wien, 9ZHRYM6F437SQJ6OUG95) 2021-03-17 download .zip
Austria S&T AG (Linz, 5299002PSXXMVHB26433) 2021-03-25 download .zip
Austria SALZBURGER LANDES-HYPOTHEKENBANK AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT (Salzburg, 5299005BG2M7ZL8HDK23) 2021-03-24 download .zip
Austria SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN OILFIELD EQUIPMENT Aktiengesellschaft (Ternitz, 549300ZD9ED8GSG3JW36) 2021-03-17 download .zip
Austria Semperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding (Wien, 529900PG9O7YFYX5UM88) 2021-03-18 download .zip
Estonia AS BALTIKA 2021-03-24 download .zip
Estonia Baltic Horizon Fund / Northern Horizon Capital AS 2021-03-22 download .zip
Estonia LHV Group 2020 2021-03-02 download .zip
Estonia Tallinna Kaubamaja Group 2021-02-22 download .zip
Finland Ahlstrom-Munksj.. 2021-02-25 download .zip
Finland Altia Oyj 2021-02-25 download .zip
Finland Aspocomp Group 2021-03-23 download .zip
Finland Atria Plc 2021-03-24 download .zip
Finland BasWare 2021-02-23 download .zip
Finland CapMan 2021-02-23 download .zip
Finland Cargotec 2021-02-23 download .zip
Finland Caverion Oyj 2021-03-03 download .zip
Finland Componenta 2021-03-12 download .zip
Finland EAB Group Oyj 2021-03-04 download .zip
Finland Elisa 2021-03-17 download .zip
Finland Enento Group Oy.. 2021-03-05 download .zip
Finland eQ Oyj 2021-03-01 download .zip view inline
Finland Evli Pankki Oyj 2021-02-11 download .zip
Finland Exel Composites.. 2021-03-02 download .zip
Finland Fortum 2021-03-16 download .zip
Finland Glaston Oyj Abp 2021-03-22 download .zip
Finland Harvia Oyj 2021-03-12 download .zip
Finland HKScan Oyj 2021-03-16 download .zip
Finland Huhtamäki Oyj 2021-03-04 download .zip
Finland Ilkka-Yhtymä Oy.. 2021-03-22 download .zip
Finland Kamux Oyj 2021-03-19 download .zip
Finland Kemira Oyj 2021-02-19 download .zip
Finland Kesko Oyj 2021-03-19 download .zip
Finland Kojamo Oyj 2021-02-18 download .zip
Finland KONE Oyj 2021-01-28 download .zip
Finland Konecranes Oyj 2021-03-05 download .zip
Finland Lassila & Tikan.. 2021-02-23 download .zip
Finland LITGRID AB 2021-03-23 download .zip
Finland Marimekko 2021-03-23 download .zip
Finland Martela Oyj 2021-03-10 download .zip
Finland Metsä Board Oyj 2021-02-24 download .zip
Finland Metso Outotec O.. 2021-03-17 download .zip
Finland Neles Oyj 2021-03-03 download .zip
Finland Neste Oyj 2021-03-03 download .zip
Finland Nixu Oyj 2021-02-18 download .zip
Finland Nokia 2021-03-04 download .zip
Finland Nokian Renkaat 2021-03-02 download .zip
Finland Optomed Oyj 2021-03-12 download .zip
Finland Oriola Oyj 2021-02-23 download .zip
Finland Orion 2021-03-02 download .zip
Finland Outokumpu Oyj 2021-03-02 download .zip
Finland Ovaro Kiinteistösijoitus 2021-03-18 download .zip
Finland Pihlajalinna Oy.. 2021-03-22 download .zip
Finland Reka Industrial.. 2021-03-10 download .zip
Finland Robit Oyj 2021-02-26 download .zip
Finland Sampo Group 2021-03-23 download .zip view inline
Finland Sanoma Oyj 2021-03-08 download .zip
Finland SATO Oyj 2021-02-11 download .zip
Finland SATO Oyj 2021-02-11 download .zip
Finland Sievi Capital O.. 2021-03-11 download .zip
Finland SRV Yhtiöt Oyj 2021-03-05 download .zip
Finland SSH Communicati.. 2021-03-12 download .zip
Finland Suominen Oyj 2021-03-03 download .zip
Finland Taaleri Oyj 2021-03-03 download .zip
Finland UPM-Kymmene 2021-03-02 download .zip view inline
Finland Uponor 2021-02-25 download .zip
Finland 2021-03-03 download .zip
Finland Wärtsilä 2021-02-10 download .zip
Finland YIT 2021-02-18 download .zip
France Altareit 2021-03-26 download .zip
France Veolia 2021-03-25 download .zip
Netherlands ASM International 2021-03-05 download .zip
Netherlands Boskalis 2021-03-04 download .zip
Netherlands JDE Peet’s N.V. 2021-03-23 download .zip
Netherlands Koninklijke Vopak 2021-02-17 download .zip
Spain ACERINOX, SA 2021-02-26 download .zip
Spain ALANTRA PARTNERS, SA 2021-03-14 download .zip
Spain AMADEUS IT GROUP, SA 2021-02-25 download .zip
Spain AMREST HOLDINGS, SE 2021-02-25 download .zip
Spain APPLUS SERVICES, SA 2021-02-22 download .zip
Spain AUDAX RENOVABLES, SA 2021-02-26 download .zip
Spain BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA, SA 2021-02-10 download .zip
Spain BANCO DE SABADELL, SA 2021-02-16 download .zip
Spain BANCO SANTANDER, SA 2021-02-22 download .zip
Spain BANKIA, SA (ABSORBED) 2021-02-17 download .zip
Spain BANKINTER, SA 2021-02-22 download .zip
Spain CAIXABANK, SA 2021-02-22 download .zip
Spain CELLNEX TELECOM, SA 2021-02-25 download .zip
Spain CEMENTOS MOLINS, SA 2021-02-25 download .zip
Spain CIE AUTOMOTIVE, SA 2021-02-25 download .zip
Spain IBERCAJA BANCO, SA 2021-03-14 download .zip
Spain INDRA SISTEMAS, SA 2021-03-25 download .zip
Spain INDUSTRIA DE DISEÑO TEXTIL, SA 2021-03-14 download .zip
Spain LIBERTAS 7, SA 2021-03-14 download .zip
Spain MAPFRE, SA 2021-03-14 download .zip
Spain NATURGY ENERGY GROUP, SA 2021-03-14 download .zip
Spain PROMOTORA DE INFORMACIONES, SA 2021-03-25 download .zip
Spain REPSOL, SA 1899-12-30 download .zip
Spain SANTANDER CONSUMER FINANCE, SA 2021-03-14 download .zip
UK Coca-Cola European Partners Plc 2021-03-12 download .zip view inline
UK Hiscox Ltd 2021-03-03 download .zip view inline
UK Public Joint Stock Company Polyus 2021-02-25 download .zip view inline