This community is designed to help developers, analysts, and business intelligence professionals connect and use the XBRL API, Public Filings Database, Google Sheet resources and other tools more effectively. The community will:

  • Provide a forum for anyone using the XBRL API to get questions answered
  • Foster development of more tools for end-users of XBRL data
  • Encourage the embedding  of XBRL APIs in open source or commercial applications and cloud-based hosting service providers
  • Share feedback about the APIs and XBRL use

Data Community Resources:

Interested in getting deep into the data? Anyone can use the tools to get a feel for queries and results from the database with our updated API. Your XBRL US Membership unlocks greater results from the API with the resources listed at right.

Requirements for Member-contributed XBRL spreadsheets:

The specifications outlined below are based on the BScompare tab of the XBRL US API Google Sheet linked at right.

  1. Explanation to include the general purpose and expected results of spreadsheet
  2. Definition of variables user can modify, including a few examples
  3. Indication of API call(s) containing cross-referenced cells used in subsequent API calls
  4. Hyperlink to XBRL API documentation
  5. Submitter’s name and email address
  6. Must be free of additional custom functions or add-on requirements

Formatting standards:

background color-coding:

  • explanatory copy – tan;
  • variables – green;
  • API returns – orange;
  • API returns used in additional calls – purple;
  • report display of facts or calculations – alternating background light-blue/white, and;
  • title, return headings, non-XBRL API calls – gray


  • title bar – Arial 24;
  • API data returns – Inconsolata 11;
  • all other text – Arial 8 – 14