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      Parker Lathrop


      I have been able to set up my Google Sheet and it is pulling data. Is there a specific dictionary which lists out the naming conventions of various line items? I was able to access this through the above mentioned Google Drives file.

      For example, If I want to pull Interest Expenses in Google Sheets, I have typed [Interest Expense]. Is there a way to find a complete dictionary? I am using IXBRLAnalayst add-on in Google.


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      David Tauriello

      Hi Parker – thanks for writing. SEC filers create their own dictionary when they submit a filing. It includes importing the chosen base taxonomy (US GAAP or IFRS) and adding any company-specific extension concepts that are not defined in the base taxonomy.

      I’m not familiar with features of iXBRL Analyst, so can’t advise you on whether these are accessible in that tool. Our XBRL Filed Data extension lets Member institutions create a simple query (either entire base taxonomies or extensions) to return the entire list of concepts (the dictionary). Anyone can search for concepts from the task pane of the extension.

      There’s a Taxonomy Viewer link in the Documentation & Discussion section on the right-side of this page that can be used to search the latest US GAAP Taxonomy. This Taxonomy viewer can be used to search IFRS concepts: https://bigfoot.corefiling.com/yeti/resources/yeti-gwt/Yeti.jsp

      These are the latest accepted and supported base taxonomies:
      https://xbrl.us/2022-us-gaap (an excel of terms can be downloaded from this page)

Viewing 1 reply thread
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