Standards for Submissions

The specifications outlined below are based on the BScompare tab of the XBRL Spreadsheet linked at right.
Basic components:

  1. Explanation to include the general purpose and expected results of spreadsheet
  2. Definition of variables user can modify, including a few examples
  3. Indication of API call(s) containing cross-referenced cells used in subsequent API calls
  4. Hyperlink to XBRL API documentation
  5. Submitter’s name and email address
  6. Must be free of additional custom functions or add-on requirements

Formatting standards:

background color-coding:

  • explanatory copy – tan;
  • variables – green;
  • API returns – orange;
  • API returns used in additional calls – purple;
  • report display of facts or calculations – alternating background light-blue/white, and;
  • title, return headings, non-XBRL API calls – gray


  • title bar – Arial 24;
  • API data returns – Inconsolata 11;
  • all other text – Arial 8 – 14

Got something to submit? Contact so we can follow up with you.