Review the latest SEC filings below to identify and review errors that may have been made in individual submissions. The list uses the XBRL API to retrieve data from our Database of Public Filings, which includes as-filed public company XBRL submissions to the US SEC’s EDGAR system. The filings have been scanned with the Data Quality Committee’s (DQC) freely-available Approved Rules, and are displayed in reverse chronological order of filing date.

Click any company name for details, including an explanation for errors noted and the effective date of implementation as established by the DQC for all filings. Enter a company’s name in the text field below and click Search to display the entity’s historic data quality results (if you get an error, you might need to encode some characters – AT&T for example, should be queried as AT%26T). Login to add a checkbox option to include results for DQC Rules effective after the filing date (proposed DQC Rules) and get XBRL US SEC Filer Member Ruleset results as an error type in the dropdown menu. Public companies should find out about SEC Filer Membership.

XBRL US Members and public company personnel should check filings prior to submission and resolve errors. See the queries used to return this data.