The XBRL Consistency Suite has been transitioned into SEC Filer Membership in XBRL US.

This membership provides everyone at your company:

  • 14,000+ automated rules (including Data Quality Committee’s latest approved rules (DQC)) your entire team can use to check the company’s filing before filing for errors related to signage, missing elements, incorrect combinations of elements, reasonableness, roll-forward issues, calculation errors and more. Triggered rules provide detailed messages explaining how to resolve each error until you’re ready to submit your filing to the SEC.
  • Training and support on: use of XBRL US tools; how to resolve issues reported by either the SEC Filer or DQC validations; taxonomy modelling questions for new requirements or best practice advice for changes in the company’s reporting.
  • Taxonomy comparison tools, that let you identify changes in a new release of the US GAAP Taxonomy such as definition changes, deprecated elements and new elements that will directly affect your own XBRL financial statement.
  • Access to the XBRL US database of financial filings, updated every 15 minutes. Data can be extracted through the XBRL US querying tool or through customizable APIs and templates.
  • Discounts on XBRL US events, webinars and the AICPA’s XBRL US GAAP Fundamentals program.
  • Tracking for XBRL Achievements earned by individuals within the organization
  • Newsletter mailings covering regulatory and industry trends, events and issues.
  • LinkedIn access to the XBRL US member group

Registering your company as an SEC Filer Member for the first time? Please review and complete the SEC Filer Membership Registration before adding this to your cart and proceeding to payment options (credit card or invoice).

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