XBRL US Organizational Members: send a note to info@xbrl.us to get our latest Type 2 SOC II for January 1, 2021 – July 31, 2021, or if you need a bridge letter.

XBRL US Membership helps public company issuers improve the quality of their financials, stay informed, and have a seat at the table influencing the standard. Membership includes:

  1. Ability to join working groups on data quality, the SEC EDGAR System, and SEC proposals. Access to regulators and standard setters. Influence over standards.
  2. Support and information on error resolution, XBRL preparation, SEC, FASB and IASB activities, as well as legislation.
  3. Tools to gauge the impact of a new US GAAP Taxonomy release on your filing.
  4. Real-time access to user-friendly querying tools for corporate peer analysis.
  5. Recognition for your work through XBRL Achievements program.
  6. Reduced rate on events.


Registering your company as an SEC Filer Member for the first time? Please review and complete the SEC Filer Membership Registration before adding this to your cart and proceeding to payment options (credit card or invoice).

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  1. What does SEC Filer membership cost?
  2. How do the automated rules compare to SEC validation and XBRL validation?
  3. If I run the rules included in the SEC Filer Membership, do I still have to run SEC and XBRL validation?
  4. How do the automated rules included in the SEC Filer membership differ from the Data Quality rules?
  5. What are the minimum computer requirements for using the tools included in my membership?
  6. How are files processed by the rules available to SEC Filer members?