To address concerns over the consistency and quality of XBRL financial data, an alliance of XBRL US members have established the XBRL US Center for Data Quality which is dedicated to funding an initiative to improve the usability and effectiveness of XBRL data.  Specifically, the Center has funded the creation and implementation of a Data Quality Committee that develops appropriate guidance and validation standards and makes them freely available to all public companies to prevent or detect inconsistencies and errors in the XBRL data. The Data Quality Committee solicits input on rules during public review and comment periods three times per year.

Approved Guidance and Validation Rules - RSS

The XBRL US Best Practice Committee (BPC) developed significant guidance for preparers from 2012 through early 2015. With the launch of the Center for Data Quality, the BPC’s mission and its body of work will be rolled into the deliverables of the Center which will represent a comprehensive approach to dealing with the issuing of guidance and data quality rules to support that guidance.