Rule ID: DQC_0142 for US GAAP - comment period closes December 31, 2022.
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Rule function

This rule is intended to identify those cases where a Business Development Corporation (BDC) used more than one dimension on a fact to identify the details of a security position. BDC reporting requires that companies list the individual investments in an investment schedule. To report each individual investment a typed dimension must be used by the filer. The values on the specific line of the investment schedule must be tagged with the same typed dimension member and only that dimension member. No additional axis should be associated with a fact that represents the details of an investment position, such as the interest rate or face value.

The rule identifies those facts where the filer has associated the fact with one of the following axis:

  • InvestmentIdentifierAxis
  • SecuritySoldShortIdentifierAxis
  • OpenOptionContractIdentifierAxis
  • OpenFuturesContractIdentifierAxis
  • OpenForwardForeignCurrencyContractIdentifierAxis
  • OpenSwapContractIdentifierAxis

The rule then checks if the fact only has one axis. If the fact has more than one axis then the rule flags an error.

There is one exceptional case where two dimensions can be associated with the fact. That case is when the filer also includes the axis InvestmentCompanyNonconsolidatedSubsidiaryAxis. This axis is used when the filer reports the investments for a non consolidated subsidiary.

Problem solved by the rule

The rule is intended to ensure consistency of BDC filings. The investment schedule could be tagged with multiple dimensions depending on the presentation. This rule ensures that investment disclosures are consistent across filers irrespective of the presentation used.

Example rule message

The filing reports a value of 1,200,000 for the concept BondFaceValue using the InvestmentIdentifierAxis.

If the InvestmentIdentifierAxis is used no other axis should be used. Remove any additional axis on this fact.

Period: 2021-12-31
Dimensions: FinancialInstrumentAxis=MortgageBackedSecurities, InvestmentIdentifierAxis=ABCBond
Unit: USD

Rule Element ID: 9864
Rule version: 20.0.0

For Developers

The Global Rule Logic document contains general guidelines for implementation of rules.

The rule message template contains text and parametric reference to arguments of the rule operation, using the syntax ${parameter} to indicate that insertion of a parameter’s value is to occur.

Message template

The filing reports a value of {$BDCInvestmentFact} for the concept {$} using the {$typedDimension}.

If the {$typedDimension} is used no other axis should be used. Remove any additional axis on this fact.

Period: {($BDCInvestmentFact).period}
Dimensions: {($BDCInvestmentFact).dimensions.join(', ','=')}
Unit: {($BDCInvestmentFact).unit}

Rule Element Id: {$ruleId}
Rule version: {$ruleVersion}

Rule element ID index

The rule element id is used to identify unique elements or combinations of elements tested in the rule.

Rule Element ID Elements
DQC.US.0142.9864 Varied

View: as part of public exposure version v20.0.0RC1