Rule ID: DQC_0129 for IFRS - approved January 19, 2022.
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Rule function

This rule evaluates whether a fact expressed with no dimensions is equal to the same fact expressed in a table with dimensions. This can occur when fact values are represented in a table format in one part of the financial statements and the same value is expressed without using a table in a separate part of the financial statements. For example, the value of Additional Paid in Capital is represented as a line item on the face of the Balance Sheet with no dimensions and as Stockholders Equity as a line item with an Additional Paid in Capital Member in the Statement of Shareholders Equity.

In addition this rule determines if the dimensional value should be the inverse of the same value represented as a line item. For example, the value of Treasury Stock on the Balance Sheet will be a positive value but the value of Stockholders Equity with the Treasury Stock Member in the Statement of Shareholders Equity will be a negative value.

Problem solved by the rule

This rule can detect where companies have incorrect values (e.g., different rounding) for the same equivalent values. This is a problem for consumption because the data for these elements will be extracted incorrectly for analysis.

Example rule message

It is expected that ProfitLossFromContinuingOperationsAttributableToNoncontrollingInterests with a value of 21,100,000 reported in the network role should be equal to the dimensionally qualified concept, ProfitLossAttributableToNoncontrollingInterests with the dimension and a reported value of 31,000,000 multiplied by 1. This value appears in the network role, This error occurs when the dimensionally qualified fact is not equal to the value input for the non dimensional item.

The properties of this ifrs-full:ProfitLossFromContinuingOperationsAttributableToNoncontrollingInterests fact are:

Period: 2020-01-01 to 2020-06-30
Unit: GBP
Decimals of ProfitLossFromContinuingOperationsAttributableToNoncontrollingInterests: -5
Decimals of ProfitLossAttributableToNoncontrollingInterests: -5
Rule version: 17.0.0RC1

For Developers

The Global Rule Logic document contains general guidelines for implementation of rules.

The rule message template contains text and parametric reference to arguments of the rule operation, using the syntax ${parameter} to indicate that insertion of a parameter’s value is to occur.

Message template

The concept {$} with a value of {$dimension_fact} and dimensions of {$dimension_fact.dimensions.join(', ','=')} is greater than the default value for this concept of {$default_value_of_dimension}. Dimension values used with the dimension {$dimension} should aggregate to a value no greater than the default value of {$default_value_of_dimension}. Either update the default value or the dimension value.

Element: {$}
Period: {$default_value_of_dimension.period}
Dimensions: {$dimension_fact.dimensions.join(', ','=')}

Rule Element ID: {$rule_id}
Rule version: {$ruleVersion}

Rule element ID index

The rule element id is used to identify unique elements or combinations of elements tested in the rule.

Rule Element ID Elements
DQC.IFRS.0129.xxxx List of Elements (.xlsx)

View: as part of approved release v17.0.0 || public exposure version & comments.