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      Nik Z


      I’ve found the XBRL API very useful for capturing entity and report data specifically from the 10K filings.

      However, there is some data that is only present in the DEF-14A (proxy) statements. For example, data from the “Executive Summary Compensation” tables and specific data points like the number of employees and median pay would be very useful.

      I was wondering if there was a timeline for the API to add this type of data? If not, even just being able to get the URL to the DEF14As would be helpful.


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      Hi Nik – thanks for writing with this question. At this time, the US SEC does not require data in the proxy statement to be submitted in XBRL. Consequently, we have no references to this form (URLs) in our setup. Maybe the SEC has an RSS feed for these filings you could use – ?

      Short of an SEC requirement to submit this data in XBRL, in order for us to include this data, a Proxy Statement Taxonomy would need to be added to our Public Filings Database, and a process for converting the data from the SEC into XBRL would need to be developed. We do not have a public timeline for this at this time.

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      Hi Nik – the SEC started requiring XBRL for portions of DEF 14A to be effective for fiscal years ended on or after December 16, 2022 (see this webinar replay for details)

      You can get DEF 14A filings using the XBRL API by including the filter report.document-type=DEF 14A in your query.

      https://api.xbrl.us/api/v1/report/search?report.source-name=sec&report.document-type=DEF 14A&fields=report.document-type,report.entity-name,report.filing-date.sort(ASC),report.html-url,report.entry-url

      XBRL US Members can use the document endpoint to query the entire document.

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