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    Tim Bui

    Hello, as companies have the freedom to create unique names of their tags (concepts), does XBRLUS keep a list of all similar concepts on the edgar_db database so that the users can save time in doing standardization?

    For example, to get a simple Total Revenue, so far I found 5 different concepts:

    1. Revenues
    2. SalesRevenueNet
    3. SalesRevenueGoodsNet
    4. TotalRevenuesAndOtherIncome
    5. RevenueFromContractWithCustomerIncludingAssessedTax

    To find Nonrecurring charges (such as impairment and restructuring), so far I found 13 concepts:

    1. Assetacquisitioncharge
    2. AssetImpairmentCharges
    3. ImpairmentOfLongLivedAssetsToBeDisposedOf
    4. RestructuringCostsAndAssetImpairmentCharges
    5. ImpairmentOfIntangibleAssetsIndefinitelivedExcludingGoodwill
    6. Impairmentandrestructuringexpenses
    7. RestructuringSettlementAndImpairmentProvisions
    8. GoodwillImpairmentLoss
    9. RestructuringCharges
    10. RestructuringCosts
    11. RestructuringChargesAndAcquisitionRelatedCosts
    12. GoodwillAndIntangibleAssetImpairment
    13. ImpairmentOfLongLivedAssetsHeldForUse

    The above 13 non-recurring items are exclusive of the additional 7 gain/loss concepts below:

    1. GainsLossesOnExtinguishmentOfDebt
    2. DerivativeGainLossOnDerivativeNet
    3. GainLossOnSaleOfBusiness
    4. GainLossOnSaleOfNonstrategicBusinessesAndAssets
    5. GainLossRelatedToLitigationSettlement
    6. GainLossOnDispositionOfAssets1
    7. GainLossOnDispositionOfIntangibleAssets

    Thank you!

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    David Tauriello

    Tim – we don’t maintain lists like the ones posted here; you’ve done a great job to create a few groups for standardizing elements and tagged it so others can find it easily and post additional groups or additions to those listed above.

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    Tim Bui

    For trend analysis, we need to look at historical numbers. However, some companies changed the tag names so it is very difficult to pull a consistent list of numbers using the API. If anyone has a solution, please share with me.

    For example, Microsoft (CIK: 0000789019) used 4 tags for its total revenue over the last few years:
    – For FY 6/18 (which has data for 6/18, 6/17,and 6/16) it used “revenuefromcontractwithcustomerexcludingassessedtax”
    – For FY 6/17, it used “SalesRevenueGoodsNet”
    – For FY 6/15, it used “SalesRevenueNet”
    – For FY 6/10, it used “Revenues”
    Using only one of the above tags will get only 3 years of data. If we use all 4 tags, then we have duplications such as the list below. Even with 4 tags, I am not able to get Total Rev for FY2018.

    entity.cik period.fiscal-year period.end concept.local-name fact.value
    0000789019 2009 2009-07-01 Revenues 58437000000
    0000789019 2010 2010-07-01 Revenues 62484000000
    0000789019 2009 2009-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 58437000000
    0000789019 2010 2010-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 62484000000
    0000789019 2011 2011-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 69943000000
    0000789019 2012 2012-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 73723000000
    0000789019 2013 2013-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 77849000000
    0000789019 2014 2014-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 86833000000
    0000789019 2014 2014-07-01 SalesRevenueGoodsNet 72948000000
    0000789019 2017 2017-07-01 SalesRevenueGoodsNet 57190000000
    0000789019 2017 2017-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 89950000000
    0000789019 2016 2016-07-01 SalesRevenueGoodsNet 61502000000
    0000789019 2016 2016-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 85320000000
    0000789019 2015 2015-07-01 SalesRevenueGoodsNet 75956000000
    0000789019 2015 2015-07-01 SalesRevenueNet 93580000000

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    Tim Bui

    The trend in Gross Margin (GrossProfit / Total Revenue) says a lot about the business condition of a company. However not every company reports Gross Profit. For those who do not, we have to subtract Cost of Goods Sold from Total Revenue. I do not have a solution to get consistent numbers for Total Revenue yet, however, for Cost of Goods Sold, I have found a few different tags below:
    – CostOfGoodsAndServicesSold
    – CostOfRevenue
    – CostOfGoodsSoldExcludingDepreciationDepletionAndAmortization
    – CostsAndExpenses

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    David Tauriello

    Tim – to get lists of concepts in the base (standard) US GAAP and IFRS Taxonomies, query: /dts/search?dts.taxonomy=US%20GAAP,IFRS&fields=dts.id,dts.taxonomy-name

    With each dts.id from above that you want concept information for, query like this:


    Every company references a base taxonomy in its filing as a starting point. The company filing is essentially a taxonomy that is inheriting from the base and adding concepts as necessary according to the company’s policies and practices with respect to its financial statements.

    NOTE: you could include concept.local-name with a comma-delimited list before the fields that are returned to get only specific concepts.

    If you pull an entire taxonomy, understand that there’s a great deal of information and a significant number of records involved, so this may take a while. Fortunately, these taxonomies don’t change – new releases annually – so the details only need to be pulled one time.

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