This community helps developers, analysts, and business intelligence professionals connect and use the XBRL API, Public Filings Database, Google Sheet resources and other tools more effectively.

Data Community Resources:

  • Periodic web meetings [Members-only]
    Engage in an open forum to learn about new functionality and techniques for using XBRL API, get questions answered, and let members preview XBRL Spreadsheets in development and other applications
  • Contributed XBRL Spreadsheet templates [Members-only]
    Anyone is welcomed to share in the collection of customizable spreadsheets (Google Sheets), developed by XBRL US Members that conform to the standards on this page. XBRL US Members can earn discounts for contributing to the XBRL API Template library. Got an idea? Email so we can discuss it with you (we may have helpful tips, too).

Balance Sheet Compare – SEC Filers contributed by Power User Peter Guldberg
This template features a customizable Taxonomy Map that lets analysts compare financials for US GAAP and IFRS filers.

Margin Comparison / Time Series from XBRL US
This template queries common Revenue and Income/Loss elements for up to 10 tickers and displays pivot tables for high-level graphic comparison. The Margin Time Series focuses on the ‘default’ ticker from the Margin Comparison, with override cells that can quickly change company and/or element screen.

XBRL Spreadsheet from XBRL US
A Google Sheet with several basic queries and a simple Balance Sheet Comparison for companies filing with US GAAP Taxonomies

Some ideas for Member-contributed templates:

  • Lease
  • Income statement
  • Margin comparison
  • Valuation analysis

Interested in getting deep into the data? Anyone can use the tools to get a feel for queries and results from the database with our updated API. Your XBRL US Membership unlocks greater results from the API with the resources listed at right.