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      Timur Mirzaev


      For some reason, my query, which used to work just fine (arguably, before the recent add-in update), now shows the “Calc!” error. What is even more unusual is that in a split of a second I can actually see the data appearing before being superseded by this very error.
      Apparently, this error can be replicated by having the full code written as a formula [ with references to other cells having, say, ‘fact endpoint’ and ‘textjoin(“,”, TRUE, concept name) formula for concept unification], while the XBRL.showData () is used separately to refer to that formula.
      Interestingly, if one “kills” the formula, so that the code is just a plain text, the error is gone, and data is extracted.

      I would very much appreciate any help around this issue.

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Timur – this link might help you diagnose the #CALC! issue: https://exceljet.net/formula/how-to-fix-the-calc-error

      If you post an example of a query that’s not returning data, it will be easier to understand the issue you’re encountering.


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