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      Asif Saberi

      I am working with the API in excel and noticed that when I use Office 365 online, my XBRl lookup query is changed when I download it to my desktop as follows: “XBRL.SHOWDATA” is replaced by “_xldudf_XBRL_SHOWDATA” and the lookup fails on the desktop.
      =IFERROR(_xldudf_XBRL_SHOWDATA(CONCATENATE($D$11, $D$12, $D$5, “&fields=entity.name,entity.limit(1)”),,,0),”Enter a valid ticker symbol in B1″)
      Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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      David Tauriello

      Hi Asif – the XBRL Filed Data needs to be added to your desktop version of Excel in order to activate the custom XBRL.showData function used to retrieve data from our Public Filings Database.

      Use the ‘Add-ins’ button under the insert menu to download and install this from the Office Add-ins Store.

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        Asif Saberi

        It had been added. I resaved a file on the Office 365 site and then tried to open it with my desktop Excel App again. However, I went through the Add-In process again and it worked. Thanks!

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