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      Satish Sahoo

      Dear Members,
      I am very new to XBRL. So this might be very basic. But I am struggling to find a way to request only tags/concepts containing a specific keyword. For example, how to get all the tags containing the word ‘goodwill’ even if I don’t know the exact tag names ? I am using the US XBRL API in python.

      One way perhaps is to download all tags and then search for the word goodwill using python functions/tools. But that would download too many records. Is there a way to specify through the API that I am only interested in tags containing goodwill?
      If it’s possible can it also be used to filter based on labels in the filing and not just the tags?


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      David Tauriello

      Hi Satish – thanks for writing. You can get a company’s Goodwill elements by using a query like this, where the DTS ID is the company filing:

      https://api.xbrl.us/api/v1/label/search?fields=concept.local-name.sort(ASC),label.text&label.role=http://www.xbrl.org/2003/role/label&label.text=goodwill&dts.id=583061&concept.is-abstract=false (this is available from the XBRL Filed Data extension on the fact and concept functions when you filter the form by a company DTS). The DTS ID for the 2022 US GAAP Taxonomy is 553038.

      The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) produces the US GAAP Taxonomy annually. See https://xbrl.us/2022-us-gaap for details, including:

      • a link to the taxonomy in a viewer with a search feature – this shows the structure for presentation and other linkbases, and includes definitions and authoritative references for all elements
      • a link to an Excel file with the 2022 US GAAP concepts

      Companies can also create their own concepts (called extension concepts) for cases where a data point in the report does not fall within the definition of any concept in the US GAAP Taxonomy. Consider reviewing a company’s filing to see if any of the concepts in the filing are extension concepts (use concept.is-base on a fact query to see which elements are extensions).

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      Satish Sahoo

      Hi David,
      Thanks a lot for your very detailed response. I could get what I was looking for adapting your query to my python script. Thanks.

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